Pattaya Police: Stop Attacking Tourists Or Else. Or Else What?

Published on 11th May 2016 by Stickboy BKK

Pattaya police were out in force on Tuesday night in and around Walking Street and the Sin City boys in brown had a message for all – “Stop Attacking Tourists”.

Leading the charge was Pattaya police chief Pol. Col. Sukthat Pumpunmuang together with the chief of the Chonburi police Pol. Maj. Gen. Amphon Buarapporn and their message to entertainment venues was clear – end the attacks or face five year closures.

Stop Attacking Tourists Or Else

Armed with an entourage of cops in fancy dress outfits, lots of placards and a bunch of lovely leaflets the police hit the streets to share their message with all.

The funny thing is, this was the exact same threat made at a meeting about crimes against tourists held back in January and yet here we are four months down the line and it’s the same old song, just a different day.

The January meeting was called after a video went viral of a group of Thai men, including bouncers from a Walking Street club, attacking a foreign tourist leaving him laid unconscious on the road.

Those attending the meeting called soon after must have either been sleeping or hungover because the stories of bar staff attacking tourists just kept coming despite bar bosses being categorically told to call police if they had a problem with tourists and not resort to violence.

Stop Attacking Tourists Or Else

Since January not a single venue has been ordered shut for five years despite attacks on foreigners being an almost daily occurrence.

And it’s not just bully bouncers, wild waiters or batty bar staff lashing out at tourists.

There’s also the lunatic ladyboys who are fond of mugging, drugging and robbing visitors who are handed small fines and sent on their way with a wai when they are caught.

And lets not forget the dangerous drug-dealers popping out of the shadows who don’t like to take no for an answer as they try and do deals with everyone and anyone passing who isn’t Thai.

Then there’s the snatch thieves out grabbing gold on a daily basis, pesky pickpockets, the sozzled stallholders who will punch you as soon as smile at you and on and on the list goes of petty crimes that go unpunished.

I say unpunished as a thousand baht fine is not punishment enough nor a deterrent for Pattaya’s criminal underbelly that is hidden by the bright lights and neon until a story or video goes viral.

Just think of all the stories that don’t make the news – likely hundreds a month.

Stop Attacking Tourists Or Else

The question is, will Tuesday nights PR exercise make a difference? Will the attacks on tourists stop?

In my opinion, not likely. Before those roses handed out have died there will be a story out of Sin City of another beating or mugging and it will be a slap on the wrists and in the blink of an eye it will all be brushed under the carpet in a bid to save the image of Pattaya unless a miracle happens and cops actually follow through with their five year closure threats.

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