People, You Need To Stop Whinging About The “Farrang Tax”

Jeez, some people sure do get their knickers in a twist about being charged a higher price than Thai nationals and the news about a planned sightseeing tower on the Chao Phraya River had them hammering away on their keyboards and phones whinging and moaning at the injustice foreigners would be charged 750 baht entry, double that of Thais.

I honestly don’t get why this pisses so many people off, both tourists and expats. It is what it is, it’s how it’s been for decades and I don’t think any amount of complaining is going to change dual-pricing any time soon… or ever for that matter.

Sure, the odd social media outrage may leave a business owner red-faced and they knock it on the head but generally speaking, two price Thailand is something you need to accept, get over and move on with enjoying Thailand unless you’re one of those people who fill their life with negativity on a daily basis – there’s no helping some people.

Stop Whinging About The Farrang Tax

As for these absurd names I see such as “Farrang Tax”, what is that all about? Japanese expats and tourists are charged the higher prices too, it’s not a white thing as these stupid terms coined by white folks suggest.

Then comes the question of money, earnings, tax-paying expats… so you pay tax, big deal. You’re earning plenty more than your Thai colleagues. You can afford a few hundred baht here and there plus its not like you go to Tesco Lotus to do your weekly shop and face two-tier pricing, is it?

Yeah, some tuk tuk drivers, motorcy men and the rest of the usual suspects might try it on in tourist traps and expat hotspots but generally speaking you step outside that world and there’s none of that bullshit.

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If the coffee stand is trying to hit you up for an extra ten baht because you aren’t Thai, the solution is simple, spend your money with one of his competitors who isn’t trying to pull a fast one. If you feel someone is ripping you off why give them your hard earned? Eat at a different resto, shop at a different stall, use another taxi, spend the day out somewhere else. You have options, no one is forcing you to do anything you don’t want to.

There’s always a solution, you just need to think for a moment what it could be, do it and get on with your life. All that negativity is just dragging you down.

And no, my response is not “don’t come” or “go home” if you don’t like it. That’s just retarded.

As I said above, no amount of moaning or complaining is going to change much of anything, regardless of what you think, just accept it and get on with being happy instead of being a miserable bastard… and I mean that both emotionally and financially.

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