Photo Special: Africans Takeover Lower Sukhumvit

Published on 8th July 2017 by Stickboy BKK

Africans On Sukhumvit

A few years ago there were a handful of African guys hanging around lower Sukhumvit, mainly at the mouth of Soi 13, selling drugs and pimping the odd Thai girl or two.

Then the ladies of the night from the same continent started appearing with a pimp or three not too far away.

Soon they took up chairs at the after hours bars that lined the odd numbered side of Sukhumvit from Soi 3 all the way down to Soi 23. And they just kept coming. More and more of them lining the streets in the wee small hours with street bars their new home.

Unlike their Thai sisters, the black hookers are brash and brazen. And extremely annoying with their sales pitch and man handling you in packs.

It is now out of control and even with the street bars gone they still line the Sukhumvit strip around the clock. No matter the time of day or night, you’ll find Africans selling drugs and their bodies.

They have even setup Facebook pages offering free drinks to those who mention their page to the street walkers.

After settling in down many parts of Soi 3, Soi 11 and numerous other odd numbered sois now they are spreading up soi 4, hanging around touting for business 24/7.

This isn’t something that has gone unnoticed by bar owners, managers and customers who often ask me, “Why isn’t anyone doing anything about them?”.

Sadly, I don’t have the answer to that question.

I’ve witnessed cops stopping them and asking for I.D. with one friendly officer even showing me the valid visa in the passport as I stood watching out of curiosity. It was a tourist visa and after seeing their status was legal, the pimp or peddler was sent on his way.

These guys aren’t stupid enough to be caught red handed with whatever narcotics they are selling on them. There are literally hundreds of these guys about and they are either on their phones or introducing themselves to strangers walking past minding their own business, “Hey man, how ya doin?”, “Hey friend, you need something tonight?”.

I choose to ignore them as I know these guys enjoy a scrap – and they are team handed and tooled up too with bodies appearing out the shadows at the first sign of a confrontation. And that includes their hoards of women too.

Now and again the odd shakedown by the police or military happens but they are few and far between which is why the number of Africans on lower Sukhumvit just keeps growing to the point it’s out of control now.

Note, some of the photos aren’t up to the usual standard of street shots shared here on Stickboy. The reason is the Africans DO NOT like having their photo taken and become very aggressive to anyone they see snapping them – both the women and the man

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