Fooket Is A Fukup

Published on 18th February 2015 by Stickboy BKK

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Those charged with running the island of Phuket regarding touts and tourists couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery even if I opened the gates and unlocked all the doors.

The beach chair fiasco of the past week is just the latest in a very long list of public relations disasters since a clean up of Thailand’s beaches was initiated last year by the National Council for Peace and Order in a bid to return beaches to the people and oust the crooks who had been allowed to run them as if they were private property for decades.

Those who claimed the beaches as their own had to go. A good thing for most, not so good for those who were generously rewarded for allowing it to go on nor the gangsters who were told to pack up their beds and brollies and don’t come back.

Hundreds of illegal businesses who had set up shop on public land around the popular coastal areas, such as Surin Beach, were demolished too. Another good move that has cleared out those allowed to do as they pleased in return for annual donations.

Having done good work clearing the beaches it seems local government officials and police want to hit the big red self destruct button by creating new, often bizarre, rules that are open to change at a moments notice. Not only confusing for those holidaying but an utter bore to see in the news every other day.

Loungers, umbrellas, chairs, 10% zones, yes you can, no you can’t, at that beach yes, at this beach no. What a PR disaster from start to finish and it seems every time someone opens their mouth to address the latest situation they just make matters ten times worse. And lets not even bother mentioning “those” leaflets.

Isn’t the islands primary income source tourism? They kicked the crooks off to give the beaches back to “the people” only to tell “the people” no this and no that. It was very nice of them to say with a smile it’s okay to drink on the beach but don’t dare light up or think about having a picnic. Beaches for “the people” doesn’t seem to mean “the people” can enjoy themselves.

When the people who keep Phuket cash rich year in, year out decide to go elsewhere for their next trip where will those in charge point the finger of blame as businesses fold when they fall into the red?

I’d also like to know where the “Amazing Thailand” bigwigs are hiding whilst all this unfolds in front of a world looking at an already tarnished Thai tourism industry.

From where I stand, which is thankfully Bangkok and not Patong, Fooket is nothing more than a fukup and it’s about time the main man sent down a hit squad to crack skulls and clean up this mess before it gets any worse. After all, it was their idea to clean up the beaches.

Oh, and one last thing to mention. Despite thousands of complaints year after year the jetski mafia remain. Why is that?

Image credit: Willy Thuan @willythuan

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