Power Has Been Restored

Published on 3rd September 2018 by Stickboy BKK

A broken breaker late on Sunday afternoon left me without power for almost 20 hours as my landlord wasn’t willing to pay a professional company to carry out the repairs, instead opting to wait until a shop opened on Monday so he could buy the spare part needed to do the job on the cheap.

This outage left me scratching my nuts thinking, well, what am I going to do? I had an early appointment at Nana so that killed a couple of hours and then Mrs Stick sent an sms saying, “Now okay”.

I assumed she meant the power was back so said to message me when she’d finished at MBK and I’d head home to eat.

So to kill some time I ordered another beer as one does.

Another sms comes about 30 minutes later, “On BTS heading home. Who told you the power was fixed?”…. the penny dropped right away I’d got the wrong end of the stick with the previous message.

After bit of back and forth it came to light the power was still out and she’d been talking about the alerts on her phone in the first sms and not the power at our condo.

At this point I suggested we check in to a hotel for the night as we’d not be able to sleep with no AC or fan. This was met with hesitation – my missus is tighter than a ducks arse. She concluded we’d wait and see at midnight when I told her I’d be home.

She sends yet another sms to tell me our bedroom is nice and cool and we’ll be able to sleep just fine. Five beers in I’m not in the mood to argue.

power has been restored

Cool my arse. It was like a bloody oven. Sleep was impossible and I eventually got out of bed just before 6am for a shower.

The next problem was no coffee and no computer with my phone telling me it has only 8% power.

Mmm… this was going to be a long morning and it was.

I had an errand to run on the other side of town and it was hot outside. All I wanted was some aircon.

At around 11am I sent a message to my landlord asking for an update. 30 mins later he tells me they are working on it. Aye, very good pal. When is it going to be fixed you cockwomble?

This guy is getting right up my nose now.

20 mins later he sends to say power has been restored and so I head home as I have a shitload of work to do – which I’m still catching up on now at 11pm.

Sure, shit happens but what rubbed me the wrong way was my landlords piss poor attitude. He simply didn’t care and not once offered an apology nor followed through with keeping me posted of when power would be restored either on Sunday night or Monday morning.

He won’t be laughing when I knock 5k off the rent this week for the inconvenience. If he doesn’t like it, he can lump it and find a new tenant. It’s about time for me to move anyway.

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