PSA For Bangkok Marketers – Facebook Is Dying A Fast Death

Published on 3rd May 2018 by Stickboy BKK

For so many Bangkok business owners Facebook is their one and only marketing tool and the vast majority just can’t see past it. Post a promo or event, share it in a dozen groups and job done.

If you are paying to boost posts and running ads then carry on as Facebook are more than happy to take your money in return for eyeballs. For those who don’t pull out their credit cards then it is time for a rethink because Facebook is dying a fast death.

Facebook Is Dying A Fast Death

Facebook have always messed around with who see’s what. An update to a business page is shown to a small fraction of followers and depending on how they interact with it determines how many more page followers will be shown the update in their news feeds.

In the past month posts are being suppressed at a far higher rate than ever before with algorithm changes coming thick and fast with some updates killing the reach of a page for reasons unknown.

The person posting is now also factored in to who see’s what. Yes, you read that correctly, page admins and editors now make a difference to how many initial views a post will receive. If you notice a post getting very little reach then redo it from a different admin and the difference could be massive.

For months I’ve been talking about issues the Stickboy page has been facing but in the wake of the data leak story even more changes have taken place and I know of more than two dozen pages with multiple admins being hammered.

Even a simple food photo can be deemed unsuitable and is killed. Posts get automatically deleted, shares to groups marked as spam and several people I know have even been sent to Facebook jail for 3 days for simply sharing their post to a group or another page they run.

Due to every man, woman and dog in Thailand never having their noses out their phones business owners are being fooled by the belief Facebook is the be all and end all.

For me that is foolish thinking and it is time for businesses to broaden their horizons so far as marketing goes.

The days of taking 60 seconds to do a daily update for thousands to see are coming to an end unless you do some research, study stats, and keep abreast of the changes Mr Z is making. If not, then your updates are heading for a big black hole in cyber space.

Do I have a solution?

No, and it’s not for the lack of experimenting. Just when you think you’ve figured out an issue and come up with a workaround another tweak or anomaly pops up leaving you back at square one.

It is possible to still hit the sweet spot as you’ll see in the screenshot below but this was out the blue and most definitely not the norm these days.

fb stats

Fortunately, I’m not experiencing any drop in visitors to the website as my traffic sources are very diverse and I never depend on any one source.

I also post to Twitter, a much overlooked and simple to use medium that most businesses ignore despite it’s popularity among both expats and Thais who prefer it to FB. If takes seconds to copy and paste a Facebook update into Twitter manually, so why not use it?

I don’t use Instagram or Pinterest as their user base isn’t my target audience and social media is an addition to the website, not my main focus,

Having all your eggs in Facebook’s basket leaves you in a risky position with zero control and if they make a change then you could be left with nothing.

Something many will come to realise when it’s too late.

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