Truths, Half Truths And Downright Lies

Published on 16th May 2015 by Stickboy BKK

Nana at Night

The nightlife business in Bangkok is a funny old world especially when it comes to reporting news and gossip on the comings and goings of bars, clubs and pubs in the popular tourist and expat areas. More so when you update the website as often I do. What can be black on Tuesday might have turned white when I wake up on Wednesday.

It certainly doesn’t mean I got it wrong, made it up or wrote it to mislead – why the hell would I do something so stupid? Doing so would only be me creating a potential problem for myself, and that’s the last thing I want to be doing.

Reporting on Bangkok nightlife is a tangled web of truths, half truths and downright lies. Gossip is plentiful and comes from owners, managers, customers and of course, friends of friends who heard from a friend. 99% bullshit, 0.5% true but stretched like an elastic band and the final 0.5% being true.

When I first started following nightlife news I was none the wiser and never gave any thought that what I was reading might not be all it seemed. Now and again I probably questioned it but then some distraction or boredom took my mind elsewhere.

The more I cover it, the more I’m aware that some gossip is deliberately whispered in order to mislead. I have no one story to pin this on, it is just a general observation.

That makes life difficult as it means checking, double checking, triple checking and often sitting on a story until it can be verified which can take time or as is most often the case, staying in the drafts folder never to be published, even if it did turn out to be true and shared elsewhere online.

Over the coming months you will see a slight change in direction when it comes to me reporting nightlife news – it won’t mean less or more, just a different approach to sharing stories and rumours.

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