The Rising Popularity Of Sneakycams

Published on 15th July 2016 by Stickboy BKK

Type Nana Plaza, Soi 4, Soi Cowboy or Sukhumvit into the YouTube search box and within a click or two you will be neck deep in videos recorded after dark in and around Bangkok’s famous naughty nightlife areas.

Lots of tourists pull out their iPhones for a 30 second memory of their trip to the neon strip or the three floor pleasure palace and upload to YT to show friends and family they really did visit and checked it off the Bangkok must-see, must-do list.

The type of videos I mention above are harmless. Those shooting them are just filming general shots of nothing or no-one in particular.

soi cowboy sneaky cam

However, mixed with the tourist tapes you’ll find thousands of videos recorded by creeps who run YT channels dedicated to hidden cam clips. They will sit at a bar or wander around the redlight areas recording on the fly with their subjects none the wiser as their cameras are hidden. No-one has a clue they are being recorded with the weirdos zooming in on workers and visitors alike.

I have absolutely no problem with those openly recording as if I see them I have the option to turn my head the other way, those doing sneakycam don’t give me that choice and my face may very well end up on YouTube whether I like it or not.

Now you can argue I’m in a public space and that’s the way it goes and I have no issue there but these guys aren’t open about what they are doing and that is what gets up my nose as does the perving on normal women walking down the street with a camera pointed at their ass. That could be my wife or your girlfriend.

Some will argue that if you don’t want to be filmed anywhere you don’t want others to know you have visited then simply don’t go to certain places. Yes, I suppose it is a valid point but where does this end? Not going somewhere because some sad bastard thinks it is fun to record people with a hidden camera and upload to a public website for all to see?

I personally have nothing to hide from anyone and going to redlight areas is part of what I do running this site. I just don’t think it is right anywhere, anytime.

I’m using the naughty nightlife areas as an example because of the rising number of people doing this sort of thing on a daily basis and the same weirdos are hitting shopping malls too with their camera out of sight as they record everyday women from afar. That is not excusable.

nana plaza sign daytime

And it isn’t as clear cut as you may think. As an example, Nana Plaza is private property and filming in this way is prohibited. One video on YT shows the maker of one such video asking at the police box if it is okay to film inside Nana Plaza. The police have no say in the matter.

In fact, in the near future a sign will be erected at the entrance to The World’s Largest Playground stating that anyone caught recording in this way could be prosecuted.

Just to be clear on the point about being prosecuted for filming within Nana Plaza. Those openly filming a quick video of their visit have nothing to worry about and may continue to capture their holiday moments. It is only those recording with hidden cameras that may find themselves in hot water

gogo bars no photos

Maybe one day life will catch up with these creeps when they are caught recording inside go-go bars, like most do, where filming and photos are strictly prohibited. In days gone by anyone caught pulling a stunt like this would most likely have found themselves nursing a few cuts and bruises after the bouncers gave them a kicking for their troubles.

I’m not saying it wouldn’t happen ever and I’m sure some doormen would be only to happy to slap the stupid farrang for filming but many bar owners don’t want their venue to get a reputation for being slap-happy with the customers as such stories are easily shared on social media and the most likely outcome is the idiot with the camera being asked, or rather told, to delete the footage or photos and never to step foot in that particular bar again.

Sneakycams are voyeurism at it’s lowest and the sooner life catches up with the dozen or so douchebags who regularly film around the Sukhumvit strip and share their efforts on YouTube for all to see, the better.

As for those who watch this crap… they need to go have a word with themselves in a dark room.

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