R&R In Rayong

Published on 13th August 2019 by Stickboy BKK

RR Rayong

The idea to go to the beach for an overnight stay during the long weekend cropped up last week with the plans changing on what seemed like an hourly basis.

I decided to schedule a bunch of stuff on social media just in case the trip actually went ahead but come Friday evening everywhere was full and there was no room at the inn apparently.

A lot of phone calls throughout Saturday had the journey south to Rayong all but shelved. That was how things stood until 8.30pm when someone on the planning committee made a breakthrough and a “house” was found.

We’d be leaving at the crack of dawn. Now to me, that would be 5.30am or 6… sometimes it’s better not to think too much and just go with the flow. Departure was in fact 10.30… or 11. Mai pen rai. Just give me a buzz when the wheels have arrived.

For me, the trip was nothing more than a good excuse to get out of town for a wee while, chill out, catch some sea air and do not a lot. If we leave at 11am. That’s fine by me.

And leave at 11am we did. Six of us with one more already down south in the house awaiting our arrival.

Plenty of pit stops along the way for food, coffee, beer replenishments, toilet breaks – at service stations and roadside emergencies (Guilty, your Honour!) – and of course, more food.

RR Rayong

I think we finally arrived around 4pm, dumped our bags and went for a wander, armed with a cooler full of beer.

We drank, looked at the idiots in the rough sea, took in the hoards of Chinese squawking and screaming all around us before packing up and pissing off back to our “house” across the road.

RR Rayong

The “house” was a cheaply built cabin with 2 rooms and a toilet. Outside area for eating and a stone’s throw from the beach. It did the trick. The small soi of cabins was busy with Thais getting away for the weekend and it was lively. Plenty to sit back and watch while food and more beer was getting sorted out.

I don’t think I moved further than the bathroom all night. Some of the group came and went doing who knows what before they started dropping like flies around 10pm.

RR Rayong

By midnight I was done and bed it was. Six of us in one room, our lone friend in the other as nobody could bear the noise he makes snoring when he sleeps after a skinful.

My plans for a lazy morning were scuppered at 6,30am when it was all go around me. Ah well, so much for a long lie.

The morning was basically a repeat of the night before although I eased off on the beer as I knew traffic on the way home would be murder and I wasn’t that keen on pulling out the python at the side of a gridlocked road.

RR Rayong

Although a banana boat ride broke up the eating and drinking which turned out to be a bad move.

Not only was the guy in charge an asshole for dumping three of us, including a kid, about half a kilometer from the beach when we were finished, I also pulled a muscle in my back pulling everyone back on after getting dunked about a dozen times.

The ride home was uneventful and as it turned out, the traffic wasn’t that bad in the end.

All in all, it was a nice break despite it coming across as dull. It was anything but. We all had a good time with plenty of laughs.

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