Running Bangkok’s Biggest & Oldest Expats Facebook Group

Having just spent two hours of my Saturday moderating Bangkok’s oldest and biggest expats Facebook Group I thought I’d share with you what goes into running it.

Stick Media, the owner of Stickboy, Stickman and the soon to launch Thailand Telegraph news site, took over BANGKOK EXPATS back in April as a means to diversify from owning only nightlife focused websites.

Created back in January 2011, as of today the group has 94,531 members who make 3000+ posts per month and comment on average 30,000 times over the same period. The blocked (former) members list number reads 7,865.

That’s a lot of moderating.

I spend roughly 90 minutes a day approving new members and posts from those I have previously put “on approval only” because they come across as spammy, deleting junk posts and checking member reported content.

Running Bangkoks Biggest Oldest Expats Facebook Group

Then comes the most tasking part of running the group – dealing with those who take offence that their 20th post selling shite got them banned, despite repeated warnings to stop.

They cry like babies when you point out they broke rule 2,3,4 and 5. And yes, some get nasty about it too.

One example was a business owner who kept plugging his venue on a daily basis. I politely pointed out to him it was once a week but if he would like to make more frequent posts we could come to some arrangement. He blew a fuse at such an outrageous suggestion.

“Pay? Pay? Pay for what? Your group is a lot of crap. I’m not paying a penny”. So I asked him why was he posting every day if the group was so crap. That’s when there was an air of silence and I never heard from him again.

Another was a middle-aged Thai lady who sent me a message on FB asking why her friend had been banned. She sent a screenshot of her friend’s profile and I recognised it straight away. She was a spam queen, constantly posting junk items for sale that looked like they’d been pulled out the back of a trash truck.

I replied telling her the reason her friend was banned was for not following the rules of the group. It fell on deaf ears. She was having none of it. After about 20 minutes of back and forth, I told her it was now 11.20pm and I was tired so I’d be calling it a night, adding if she wanted, we could continue the conversation the following day.

“What about the elephants?”, she asked. Huh? Elephants?

Oh man, she went off on some weird and wild tangent about how she and her friend helped elephants and I was doing them an injustice (because I didn’t understand Thai culture) by banning her pal.

Enough was enough. She got blocked from messaging me and banned from the group.

I deal with enough nutters every day running Stickboy, I don’t need crazy older Thai women bursting my balls about elephants at the back of 11 on a Tuesday night.

Then there are those who are members of so many groups they forget what they posted and where but blame you with a foul-mouthed tirade over a post that was deleted…. on another group.

Sure I have only highlighted the fruitcakes, the majority of members are polite and friendly but talking about them is like drinking milk at a stag night.