Is Shagpacking The New Begpacking?

Published on 8th August 2017 by Stickboy BKK

Today an ad in the personals section of Craigslist Thailand caught my eye as it was posted by a western woman claiming she is holidaying in Phuket and looking to earn some extra cash while she is here.

No, she isn’t selling postcards, rather her body is the commodity offered.

Is Shagpacking The New Begpacking

The ad reads:

Hello gentlemen!
I am beautiful lady with a model shape of body staying in Phuket for my vacation
I can provide my company to businessmen and visitors.
Please text me only mature men with age 44 and above .
Please don’t compare me with local girls . I am interested to meet with men of high level . No Indians plz.
It’s my real picture . My date is not free .

The picture used in the ad is real and can be found on the profile page of the Scarlet Blue website with the name Isabelle Grey.

It turns out “Isabelle” is a pricey Australian escort whose hourly fees start at $700 AUD which is just over 18,000 baht at current exchange rates.

Here’s how she describes herself.

I am usually one that stands out amongst the crowd.

Stunning green eyes, soft supple skin upon a tight toned figure, long flowing golden locks and a welcoming smile giving you a glimpse of a cheeky encounter to come.
A beauty best appreciated in person, experience as well a pampering and nurturing lover who enjoys the pleasures of meeting your needs and desires.

Spend some time with me and you will soon find out why many say I am far more beautiful in person both on the inside and out.

I can promise you, I’m worth it.

Isabelle xo

Isabelle Grey

Of course, someone may have used the photo to accompany their ad to lead guys up the garden path on the looks department but it matters not as “Isabelle” isn’t the first female traveler I’ve come across who has taken to classified sites offering sexual services while claiming to be in Thailand on holiday.

More and more are popping up lately, although they never stay live long and are soon flagged before being removed, which has me asking, is shagpacking set to become the new begpacking?

Postcards out, pu**y in?

If I was a betting man I’d be willing to have a flutter on shagpacking growing in popularity over the next 12 months.

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