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Should Thailand Be Skipping Songkran This Year?



On Monday the Prime Minister insisted that Songkran celebrations must be held this year to revitalise the struggling tourism industry.

Inter-provincial travel will be allowed, mass gatherings and street parties at places such as Khaosan Road would be given the green light all the while telling us it would be celebrated under strict guidelines to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

The Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration chimed in too saying Songkran would be celebrated as a “new normal” festival, with the goal being to preserve Thai culture while containing the virus.

So, after a year of tight restrictions, shutdowns, provincial lockdowns, the tourism industry strangled almost to death, the entertainment and nightlife industry left in tatters, and the hospitality sector barely breathing, we are about to let millions of people pack their bags, head home to the provinces, party together for a week, then head back to their jobs in the city and all of a sudden this is alright?

Should Thailand Be Skipping Songkran This Year

I’m not the only one left scratching my head at this sudden u-turn to basically let the country run wild for the best part of a week after a year of being told to stay at home and keep as far away from everyone as you can.

Thai friends, family, and social media users are all dumbfounded too with the vast majority believing it is a huge mistake on the part of the government to allow Songkran celebrations to go ahead.

Of course, they know the economy is in dire straits. Many of them are way down in their incomes or out of work since last year but still, they are of the opinion this is a bad move and feel missing Songkran this year is for the better good in the long term.

The other question on the lips of many is, with such a horrific 12 months for millions, where is all this cash coming from to boost the tourism industry?

With millions having been hit hard in the pocket what will they be spending? Monopoly money?

I can’t say I disagree with anything that has been said.

Yes, we all need things to pick up and get back to normal as soon as is safely possible but until they unlock the airport and allow free movement in and out of Thailand, nothing much is going to change as far as the tourism industry is concerned.

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