The Show Must Go On

Published on 13th January 2018 by Stickboy BKK

For most of my working life I’ve been self-employed with the odd year long job or two here and there when good opportunities have come my way.

Motivation is key when it comes to working for yourself.

At different times in my life that has changed depending on my circumstances, such as my kid growing up or like now, living abroad.

If I don’t pull my weight then I’ll be down and out looking at the prospect of returning to the Costa del Clyde. If I ever needed motivation, that’s it right there.

I have the discipline to get my arse in gear and get out of bed even if I am sick, hungover or feeling just plain lazy and knuckle down and do what needs doing.

the show must go on

A website like Stickboy sucks up time like a Hoover factory, between doing daily updates on the site itself plus social media, taking care of any backend issues, admin, replying to dozens of daily emails and comments, advertising enquiries, and not forgetting the out and about to see what’s going on in this fine city.

Being a one-man band has many advantages but it also comes with a fair few disadvantages such as when you are unwell or fancy a holiday and more so due to the nature of how the content I share is consumed.

It is churn and burn with a very short life span meaning you need to keep constantly feeding the machine or those numbers start falling fast.

For example, if I took a week off completely, the website traffic numbers would half. Social media would flat-line to zero.

Trying to write a news story or come up with witty comments and remarks when you are suffering burn out, or like this past week sick as a dog, it’s a tough gig which is why sometimes things slow down or updates are all over the place.

Sure, I could hire help but having been there and done that it just never works out. Too much bullshit and too many lazy mofo’s out there who want a payday for doing poor work or as little as possible.

Am I looking for the sympathy vote?

Like hell, I’m just letting you good people know why things can be all over the place at times as people actually message me asking why there have been no updates for the past 12 hours.

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