The Silence Is Deafening

Published on 19th November 2014 by Stickboy BKK

On Sunday morning it was revealed that the chopped up body of a woman stuffed into a suitcase and tossed into a river in Kanchanaburi was that of a 31 year old “bar girl” who worked in Sukhumvit Soi 4.

I was sent screenshots from CCTV cameras located inside Nana Plaza taken of a white male suspect police wanted to interview in connection with the murder. I immediately shared the photos on social media and wrote up what I knew of the story here.

murder suspect

As the day went on a few more photos were released and some further info was shared on Twitter revealing a contact number to call if anyone had seen or knew the man in the pictures. Other than that and the retweets from my Twitter followers there was very little appearing online.

Throughout Sunday I scanned Thai news sites and forums, Facebook pages and Twitter looking for the good news that the suspect had been spotted and arrested. To my amazement the only paper who covered the story online was Thairath. Social media was the same. The CSI LA FB page had run it but that was soon drowned out as their focus is on the backpacker murders.

Stickboy is small fish and my hope was some of the bigger names in the Thai Twitterverse and blogsphere would share the story / pics and get more eyeballs on the face of the suspect. A story involving farrangs and crime usually gets a ton of attention on social media. This particular horror story was getting almost zero. Some Tweeters are normally all over this stuff like a rash but this time around sweet fuck all other than people retweetiing what updates I was sharing.

CoconutsBangkok @CoconutsBangkok, ThaiVisa @georgebkk, Richard Barrow @RichardBarrow, Andrew Drummond @Flyingsporran, to name a few of the more popular Thai-centric Twitter accounts between them have mentioned the story a grand total of ZERO times to date.

Of course, they are free to share what they want but they all have previously covered farrang related crimes in the Kingdom extensively and all have many Thai based readers who I’d assume would want a man suspected of strangling and chopping up a woman caught, questioned and if guilty, punished for his crime.

But it wasn’t only the mainstream peeps who were sidestepping the story, nightlife websites and people who run blogs that work in the industry also gave it no mention.

I checked Stickmans weekly column on Sunday evening, then again on Monday, Tuesday and today for an extra update. Nothing. Odd. Dave The Rave, the “go go guru”, has a big following too and is manager of Spellbound in Nana Plaza. He would have heard the story on Sunday for sure. Again, nothing.

On Monday Khaosod and one other Thai language news outlet ran the piece. The Bangkok Post also published the story but have since done no follow up despite new photos, a video, the announcement of a 100,000 baht reward and a contact name and number of the policeman leading the investigation.

I think the best word to describe my thoughts on the lack of coverage is, bewildered.

It doesn’t matter what cards life dealt “Pook” and what she done for a living. No one deserves to be strangled, chopped up and thrown away like a piece of trash. This poor woman and her family deserves justice as much as other women need to be protected from the person responsible for the horrific murder. For all anyone knows, the killer could still be in Thailand. If he can do this once, he can do it again.


If you wish to share the story feel free to use the image above, it belongs to me and you won’t be infringing on anyones copyright.

There is also video footage here

If you have any information you can contact Pol. Lt. Gen Veerapong Chuenpakdee on 081-8891839

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