Slow News Doesn’t Mean No News

Published on 15th June 2015 by Stickboy BKK

Slow News Doesn't Mean No News

It can often seem from my lack of updates that there is no nightlife news to share with reports few and far between on the comings and goings of Bangkok’s infamous redlight areas but if the truth be told, that is seldom the case.

There is always gossip, stories and normally a bit of scandal in the mix of tales that come my way. The trouble is I can’t always share the gossip that I hear, or the stories I’m told and I steer clear of scandal 99% of the time as that is just a headache with a capital H.

Most of the time not sharing and sitting on stories comes down to not being able to confirm a juicy piece of gossip which is a must. Tossing around third-hand stories is a one-way ticket to trouble and I’m just not going there. The juicier the story the more people I will chat with to get confirmation of the details or what went down from as many different sources as I can.

An example of this was the letter I wrote of in Redlight Rebellion. Even after speaking to five people, all unconnected, I only felt good to go when I actually seen a photo of the letter on a mobile phone. Why? Well, four of the five people told me Fella A wrote the letter and was behind the move. When I spoke with Fella A, he told me it was Fella B who actually came up with the idea, composed the letter, then asked everyone to sign it but that wasn’t what everyone thought or was whispering.

nana plaza

Then there are times when a bar owner or manager will ask me to sit on a story for a week or two, sometimes longer, as the timing just isn’t right as other things are in play or papers need signed with the i’s still to be dotted and the t’s crossed. As I type this now I’d rather be sharing the three massive stories I’m sat on out of just one bar area but these were told to me with the usual nod of the head and raising of a beer bottle they are not for the website – just yet. When the time is right I’ll get the nod to share the news.

There is also a gray area where I’m told the full story but only given the green light to mention it without names and places or other important details omitted. This can prove difficult to do and be pretty pointless as a stand alone news story as it would be impossible to tell the tale without giving something away. Take this story doing the rounds at the moment as an example. There is one bar in Nana Plaza that is rumoured and reported to be handing back the keys come lease renewal time. Now I know for certain this isn’t going to happen. The bar will remain open, in the same hands and pretty much business as usual through until the end of the year when the owners will try and offload it. Now that says and tells the reader nothing as it is so vague. A completely pointless story without naming the bar. If the owner doesn’t want me to mention it by name then so be it.

bar gossip

And lastly, and this is often one of the worst situations to be in as a website owner reporting the goings on of the naughty nightlife biz, being told a great story and immediately afterwards being asked not to mention anything about it. Not a single word to you the readers or anyone else for that matter.

This can be for business or personal reasons and sometimes that’s just the way it plays out. You are depending on guys in the thick of it to feed you info and insight and building up trust with owners and managers is the name of the game. If I told one small story I’d been asked not to I’d be told nothing else by anyone, anywhere. Publishing a story told in confidence would Stickboy suicide.

So, rest assured. There is news out there and I’ll bring it to you either as soon as I can, or when it won’t get me killed.

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