Snow Plows On Sukhumvit

Published on 21st December 2017 by Stickboy BKK

Not only were there slow plows on Sukhumvit, there were penguins running round the Plaza too. Yeah, it was a dream, or rather a nightmare I had last night as I lay under two duvets shivering like a Saudi in Siberia.

This cold snap isn’t pleasant and anyone who tells me this is glorious weather needs punched in the face – repeatedly.

The 30+ temps were one of the key factors in me moving here but being from Scotland makes everyone assume cold weather tolerance is in your DNA. News Flash – is it fuck.

Anything under 25C I consider cool. Get down to the mid teens and that for me is cold.

snow plow sukhumvit

Before moving to Thailand my house on the Costa del Clyde was a constant 28C. 24/7, 365. Anyone daring to touch that dial risked losing a hand.

I’d walk my dog in the “summer” wrapped up in nothing less than a fleece while guys played golf on the local course topless. Mind you, the Buckfast they were downing was likely keeping them warm and fuzzy.

Today as I type this I’m wearing a t-shirt, woolly jumper, jogging trousers, socks and slippers. And I’m still sat with shriveled nuts as a cold breeze blows through my room.

Yet out there on Twitter people are boasting about cutting around in shorts and t-shirts, while others preach to anyone willing to read their updates how fabulous it all is.

So you like cooler weather. Good for you. Some of us don’t and no matter how many times you tell us this weather is perfect, it’s never gonna change how I feel about it.

bangkok weather

The weather men claim it will be back to 32C by the weekend but what do they know? Bastards make it up as they go along. Not to be trusted that lot.

When this cold snap is going to end, I don’t know but it can’t come soon enough for shivering Scotsman who’d rather be sat sweating his bollocks off.

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