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Published on 16th May 2016 by Stickboy BKK

Over the past two or three months I have had a lot of emails from bars, hotels, restaurants and numerous other business types inquiring about paid plugs on the Stickboy social media channels.

At first I didn’t give this revenue stream much thought but as more and more asked I felt it was something I should at least consider.

social media paid plugs

I asked a few long term Twitter and Facebook followers their thoughts on Stickboy sharing flyers or special offers by a company who have paid for those plugs.

I have worked hard and put a lot of effort in to the Twitter & Facebook pages and having a backlash from followers is the last thing I want.

The feedback was surprising as every last person said it wasn’t something that would bother them as I already share random events and promotions, what’s a few more?

So I’ve decided to go ahead and offer this advertising option to anyone wishing to have their party or poster put in front of almost 5 millions eyeballs – the monthly reach of the Twitter & Facebook pages.

Social Media Promotional Plugs

Social Media Promotional Plugs

This update isn’t me touting for business rather me being transparent with Stickboy Bangkok readers and to let business owners know I will still be sharing whatever catches my eye that I think will interest followers as usual.

The paid plugs are just a way to guarantee a share as I don’t always see updates of what’s on or happening.

If you are interested in buying a Social Media Promotional Package check out the advertising page for pricing and details.

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