Soi Cowboy Guitar Hero Plays Some Hits For The Hookers

Published on 8th February 2016 by Stickboy BKK

With a cold beer in hand and a bit of chrome pole crumpet by my side it was a typical Sunday night in Fanny’s on Soi Cowboy until some bellend with the guitar showed up thinking he was Enrique Iglesias.

Above the music the Spanish schmuck starts strumming and singing to the girls as if he is performing in front of thousands with the boozed-up bargirls thinking they are in the presence of a musical legend.

More like leg-end but they were too pissed to know better.

Soi Cowboy Guitar Zero

After a few minutes of smiles and strums he then shouts at no one in particular to have the music shut off so the bar can hear him in full effect.

My bin was already checked and didn’t hang around long enough to find out if the bar staff granted his request. You don’t go to Fanny’s or any other go-go bar for this sorta bullshit.

As I wandered along the neon alley after my hasty departure I got to thinking… who the fuck suddenly decides heading out the door to a chrome pole palace it might be a good idea to grab their guitar thinking the hookers might like to hear a few hits?

Guitar Hero, more like Guitar Zero.

Regulars who follow my social media channels with be all too familiar with the Dick Of The Day posts… this cockend is gonna take some beating to pick up the Dick Of The Year award come December.

Soi Cowboy Guitar Zero

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