Son Of Stickboy Has Been Sent For A DNA Test

Published on 12th November 2015 by Stickboy BKK

This afternoon Son Of Stickboy was escorted to the hospital for emergency DNA testing following a disgraceful incident at Nana Plaza last night that has left me asking, is he really mine?

After reading about his antics last night you’ll be asking the same thing too. Here’s what happened.

We were sat enjoying a few beers in Bangkok Bunnies with the owners discussing a future photoshoot when a cutie on the stage with a giant set of cans caught his eye.

He didn’t beckon her over for a chat and a drink so I’m thinking, okay, maybe he wasn’t in the mood but he is 21 and lads that age get a boner at a whiff of perfume never mind a babe with big boobs in a skimpy little outfit giving him the glad eye.

Perhaps it was the outlay and he was keeping an eye on his cash stopping him doing what any normal horny 21 year old would do. Mmm…. he doesn’t spend much and works so unlikely.

Son Of Stickboy Has Been Sent For A DNA Test

However, big jugs wasn’t giving up and we all seen she was wanting a slice of Stick Jnr’s sausage. At this point the bosses told him the barfine fee was waived, she was all his to take.

“Nah, not tonight” says he. “Huh?”, says we.

At this point we offer to put 2,500 baht cash in his hand to cover the cost of a roll around the Hollywood short time hotel for 30 minutes.

“Nah, not tonight” says he. “WTF?”, says we.

At worst all he had to pay for was a couple of rubbers but it wasn’t to be which led to a discussion how could he possibly be my biological son who waited almost two years to come live in Thailand and enjoy all that Bangkok has to offer him yet he sits there with a horny hottie ready for action at absolutely no cost to him and does nothing.

His mother may have some splanin’ to do if these results come back saying he is Stepson Of Stickboy, which after last night is more than likely.

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