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Published on 30th December 2014 by Stickboy BKK

Source? Link? Where did you see this? Where did you find that? Why not cite your source? Why no photo credit?

These types of questions are now the most common responses to anything I publish here on the website or share via social media and today I will answer them once and for all, never to go there again. If anyone asks I will reply with a link to this page.

If you have arrived here from a reply from myself after you have asked something similar, welcome to the world of Stickboy Bangkok.

Before I go ahead and give my answer, if you asked me any of the questions in the opening paragraph taking the moral high ground then please, go fuck yourself. Leave the site now and go back to whatever it was you were doing before you clicked your way here. To others reading here who are just curious and are perhaps surprised by that outburst please let me explain.

Certain people love to poke me with a big stick thinking their shit smells better everyone else’s especially over the use and crediting of photos. They are the sort of people who believe they do no wrong in life and feel it is their duty to point out the error of everyone elses ways. Dickheads who’d be better off looking in the mirror. We all know that old saying, those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones…

Unnamed Source

And so to my answer. HARD WORK

I spend between 10-12 hours a day online reading hundreds of news feeds, scanning thousands of photos and who knows what else to find, research and create as much quality content as I am able to for the Stickboy website and its social media channels.

The Bangkok & Thai niche is bursting with English language websites all chasing the same stories making the citing of original sources a big no no. Why would I want to gift the competition? As for readers wanting a link to a source… Google is your friend.

Then there are the stories where citing a source is simply not possible for any number of reasons.

One example was the Foreigners Have Right To Refuse Drug Test article dated December 10th. As a no name website I understand why I was laughed out of town by the keyboard warriors of the world with an interest in Thailand and journalists who work for “respected” publications for quoting a ranking officer working out of Thonglor District Police station citing the source only as “a major global news outlet”. I’d actually been given quotes off the record by someone working on the story with permission to share only one. It was the hot topic of the week and I was told Al Jazeera would be publishing within a few days. Unfortunately AJ sat on the story for almost two weeks and didn’t publish it until December 22nd by which time the story had been long forgotten by the mouthpieces who said I was full of shit.

I do put in the effort and check all news and info that come my way. I won’t just go ahead and write an article on the back of a Facebook status update or an anonymous email. Even info that comes my way from people I know needs verified from a different source before I will run it.

And I certainly don’t just make it up as I go along to generate traffic as was suggested earlier this month by the Bangcock Eye website when they claimed I fabricated the recent army shutdown of 100s of Sukhumvit massage shops. Better they stick to taking photos of signs and such instead of becoming involved in other peoples silly games. As for my sources for this particular story? Three massage shop owners each of whom I spoke to before writing and publishing. All three were closed down by soldiers and two were on the street watching it happen as we spoke on the phone. I also have photos of soldiers in the sois but was asked not to share those.

From my point of view all very entertaining and very simple for those who don’t believe what they read here – don’t come back. Go read the Bangkok Post or The Nation, they will welcome you with open arms.

And lastly to photo credits.

When I have a definitive source I quote it. If I don’t have one I make an effort to find the original and credit it. However, more often than not a reverse image search returns 100s of results making it impossible to know for sure the origin of the photo. In those instances, no credit is given. In all instances, anyone who feels their copyrighted works have been infringed can under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act file a take down request which I will comply with if warranted.

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