Spiked Drinks & Stolen Phones

Published on 2nd October 2015 by Stickboy BKK

I went out last night to meet up with a couple of mates for a few beers and all was well until just after midnight when everything went fuzzy. When I wakened this morning, feeling absolutely dreadful, the first thing I remembered was the ladyboy on Sukhumvit taking my phone from my pocket and doing a runner.

I’d tell you more of that story if I could actually remember it, the trouble is, I don’t remember much of anything.

To put you in the picture, as much as I’m out and about, I don’t drink very often and tend to catch up with friends and have a blowout once or twice a month. Last night we hadn’t overdone it but I have no recollection of anything after midnight and can only vaguely remember the phone incident which leads me to believe one of my drinks had been spiked.

Drunk, yes. Out of my tree and blackouts, no.

spiked drinks

The whole thing has left me feeling a little off mentally today and I’ll not be drinking again any time soon, that’s for sure as anything could have happened and late night Sukhumvit is an unforgiving place for anyone not in control of their actions.

Where I downed the dodgy drink I don’t know as we were bar hopping but I’ve heard others share similar stories that mentioned one or two bars I was in but no names as I simply have no proof.

And with that, it’s back to bed for me as I’m struggling with the dizziness.

Update: It turns out I just upped and offed from a bar leaving my buddy with a bunch of girls. He thought I was away to toilet or take a call when in fact I’d wandered off to who knows where.

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