SSL Errors Clicking Links On Twitter With An Apple Device

SSL Errors Using Twitter On Apple Devices

In the past few days many Twitter followers have informed me they are getting an SSL error when clicking links to the website I’ve shared.

It only happens on Apple devices and when using Twitters in-app browser.

The cause of the problem has been identified – it’s all geek stuff but the important part is that it will be fixed in the coming weeks when the server gets a major software upgrade that comes with TLS 1.2 that Apple require.

You can still view the website on your Apple phones and tablets by using a regular browser such as Chrome or Firefox or just clicking OK on the error., then click the arrow in the top right corner and Open in Safari.

Unfortunately my host don’t have an ETA for the update, only that it will be in the upcoming weeks.

My apologies for any inconvenience but Stickboy Bangkok is here and the website is running just fine.

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