Staying Dry In Wet Season Is Easier Said Than Done

Published on 9th May 2017 by Stickboy BKK

When I talk about staying dry during wet season I don’t mean keeping out the rain, I mean keeping dry in the other sense of the saying – cutting back on the sherry as my plan to lose 20 kilos continues.

Back in March i weighed in at almost 92Kgs, an increase in two years of almost 25Kgs. Ridiculous and disgusting.

In the past 7 or 8 weeks I’ve knocked that down by 10Kgs simply by changing my diet and cutting out crap like Coke, crisps and chocolate

Two weeks of exercise when the family was here with me playing tour guide certainly played a part as my normal working day consists of sitting at my desk and going nowhere doing nothing much other than eating, reading and typing.

I know the next 10 kilos is going to be much more difficult than the first so an even stricter diet is needed and I must do some exercise.

Cutting out beer will help too and so staying dry throughout raining season is an idea I’m toying with but that is easier said than done.

Staying Dry In Wet Season Is Easier Said Than Done

Despite the urban myth that I’m always out on the tiles and staggering around Sukhumvit, I’ve not touched a drop in almost two weeks.

Tonight I’m off to meet a mate to have a few birthday beers with him. Thursday I’ll be at the Insanity anniversary party and on Saturday another event I promised to attend months ago comes around.

Sure I could show up at all three and drink water but as the old saying foes, no decent party started with a glass of milk.

Another uphill battle is with her indoors knocking up dishes of delight, that go straight to my waistline.

I’m convinced she thinks that feeding me delicious dinners every evening will keep me fat believing any new younger models that catch my eye will be put off looking at Fatboy Bangkok.

Staying Dry In Wet Season Is Easier Said Than Done

I guess I could always burn off the calories with some good old sexercise once or twice a week but then I run the risk of having my cock cut off and fed to the chickens.

I don’t fancy being known as “Stubby” so cutting down on the beer and doing a bit of cycling is the way to go.

Hopefully I can stay dry this rainy season only getting caught in the odd shower or two.

Lets see how it goes. 70 kilo club, here I come.

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