Staying On The Rails

Published on 19th January 2019 by Stickboy BKK

We’ve all heard the saying, “Bangkok has you now” and others along the same line which is, for many, pretty close to the truth.

People lose their mind and money living it large and partying like rock stars oblivious to the reality of the situation they soon find themselves in, and often when the penny drops it is too late.

For some it’s skint, for others they are mentally fit for nothing more than a padded cell. Worse case scenarios include jail, hospital or the morgue.

Bangkok will suck you in and spit you out in no time – if you let it.

Staying On The Rails

The vast majority of people come to Thailand on their own and don’t know anyone here other than people they meet in all the wrong places.

They quickly attach themselves to their new friends because it is human nature to interact with others. It could be hookers, alcoholics, drug addicts or just losers in general.

And so the downward spiral begins and it quickly takes hold.

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Day to day life has no proper structure. No job means late nights out getting smashed and sleeping off the hangover before doing it all again.

For those lucky enough to be employed, no self-control sees them showing up to work stinking of booze and pussy which is soon going to lead to being paid off.

With no family or proper friends to keep you in check, it is so easy to fall off the rails.

Taking stock of your lifestyle, looking in the mirror and realising you gotta wind your neck in now and again otherwise you are as good as in the gutter with no money in the bank and no real friends willing to help you out leaving you up shit creek without a paddle.

And I’m not here preaching, I’ve been on many a rocky railroad with my train ready to derail and the self destruct warnings flashing at DEFCON 4.

It is knowing when to ease off the throttle and maybe park up for a bit that’s important.

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