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Stickboy Babes – It’s A Marathon, Not A Sprint



stickboy babes twitter

Stickboy Babes for those who don’t know is a Twitter account opened back in May 2016 as a place to post sexy chick pics after the main Stickboy Bangkok page started to quickly grow with a more mainstream following and Facebook around the same time suddenly took a dislike to accounts showing photos of gorgeous girls flashing what they deemed to be too much flesh.

The Stickboy Babes page is updated 8 times a day with 2 or 3 links back to the Girl galleries here on the main website with the remaining slots loaded up with top totty from around the world with a high % of the talent featured being of the Asian persuasion.

stickboy babes twitter

Despite no promotion of any kind other than 1 daily Retweet late at night on the main Bangkok account and the very occasional post to Facebook, I have just let the page grow at its own pace with new followers finding it on their Twitter travels.

Unlike many chick pix accounts, I have never ever considered the notion of buying cheap fake / bot followers to make it look better – in my mind, there’s absolutely no need and the proof is in the stats pudding.

In October 2020 it clocked up 1.23 million impressions. Not bad for an account that doesn’t follow anyone, share or Retweet any other accounts and just plods along doing what it does – sharing photos sexy ladies 8 times a day, every day.

The follower count is slowly creeping toward the 10,000 mark, nothing to write home about but not bad going when you consider everything I have said above.

If you aren’t following yet, get in there and see what’s what. Stickboy Babes.

Stickboy aka Sticky Boy aka Mike McKay aka Mike McKwai, Wild Mike, Magic Mike, Mr Mike, and a fair few more best forgotten, is a party animal with hollow legs who loves music, current affairs, beer, food, causing trouble on Twitter, and making the most of life without worrying too much about what people think or say about his antics. You can send him stuff here -

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#SlipperySunday With A Difference



SlipperySunday With A Difference

#SlipperySunday normally means hitting Soi 4 for a few beers before Stumbling Out into Nana Plaza with Gav The Gaffer for some drunken debauchery.

It has been quite some time since our last outing but slip and slide last night I did but it was no ordinary #SlipperySunday.

Having been up since the crack of dawn my work was done and dusted by 2pm and with the weather looking a bit shit going out for the usual Sunday cycle was written off.

What to do?

O’Shea’s was suggested by Fat Face and O’Shea’s is where we parked our arses for a few beers and a munch.

Three hours later it wasn’t quite time to head home but a change of scenery was in order.

Today Soi 8 Bar? Nah.
Morning Night? Nah.
The Craic? Nah.
Old English? Nah.
Stumble Inn? Nah.
Angels Four? Nah.

And on this went for about 15 minutes until we’d run out of beer – which for a later point was 90 baht for a regular-sized bottle of Leo.

Soi 22? Where?
Bars at the start of the soi? Yeah.

After wandering along Sukhumvit we came to the Holiday Inn and then we had to decide which bar. Let’s try the one where the bird from Sexy Night now works.

Before we even turned the corner the Car Alarm Techno they were blasting hit us like a cricket bat to the balls. Stuff that.

SlipperySunday With A Difference

We decided on Am’s bar where it was buy 2 get 1 free until 8pm. We arrived at 8.05pm so we missed out and settled for the standard price of 110 baht for a regular-sized bottle of Leo.

It was nothing to write home about. It was quiet, nobody was interested and it was pretty uncomfy sat at the front with nowhere to put your feet and no rest bar on the stools.

Time to check bin and try another.

SlipperySunday With A Difference

Next up was the very last bar before turning the corner on to Sukhumvit Road.

The beer was cold which may explain why it was 10 baht more expensive than Am’s but the woman who looked in charge insisted on pestering us with boring chit chat.

What a snoozefest.

Check bin and on to Otto Bar two doors round the corner on the main drag.

SlipperySunday With A Difference

Just like the last bar we were the only customers. The staff were friendly enough and opened the AC which was soon switched back off when we parked ourselves out front as there was nothing happening and nobody else inside.

There wasn’t much to see and the staff – with three kids – sat out on the kerbside too.

As things went, there was another 10 baht increase in the price of beer and we’re now at 130 baht for a regular Leo.

What a rip-off.

3 bars, all boring, and all taking the piss with the price of beer.

The place is dead, no entertainment, no nothing, and asking for between 110-130 baht for a beer…. get a grip on reality.

Nah, you can stick this lot where the sun doesn’t shine. I’m always happy to pay the going price for booze but at least make some effort.

In the future, #SlipperySunday must stick to tradition and never ever deviate from what it always was and is… a night out in Nana.

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Apologies For The Downtime



server farm

After two days of visitors getting various unavailable messages when arriving at, I’m pleased to announce all is well and back to normal around here.

The downtime was due to the host moving the server that is home to Stickboy to a new location in the data centre meaning the box was unplugged from the network, probably taken to some dark corner in the basement, before being re-racked and plugged back in.

It is a job that normally takes around 4 hours but I was advised to make a full and complete backup of all files and folders just in case something went wrong.

With close to half a million photos that takes a bit of time so to speed things up, I just shut everything down to get the job done without interruption.

And with everything back to how it should be, I better get a few updates done.

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Thailand Tourist Visa Requirements: November 2020



Thailand Tourist Visa Requirements

Following on from the launch of the Special Tourist Visa (STV) aimed at attracting long-stay tourists to Thailand, embassies and consulates around the world have slowly been updating their websites over the past three weeks with details for Single Entry Tourist Visa applications.

The Royal Thai Embassy in Helsinki were the first online with the news that embassies were now accepting applications for a 60-day Single Entry Tourist Visa.

Under the STV scheme, visitors can stay in Thailand for 90 days, which can then be extended twice, each for a further 90 days. That is, the maximum period of stay in the country will be 270 days. After the first stay period has ended, visitors may apply for the extension at any local immigration office

The Special Tourist Visa costs 2,000 THB.

Only travellers from low-risk countries may apply for the long-stay STV and the requirements for a succesful application are lengthy.

The list of low-risk countries are:

El Salvador
Hong Kong
Ivory Coast
New Zealand
Saudi Arabia

I skipped the requirements for the STV as I very much doubt readers of Stickboy will want to jump through 20 hoops before having to jump through another 20 so I decided to focus on what’s needed to obtain a Single Entry 60-day Tourist Visa.

Visa And Certificate Of Entry Procedures

Applicants who wish to apply for a Single Entry Tourist Visa will need to follow all the steps outlined below.

Applying For A 60-Day Tourist Visa

When applying you must submit the following with your application form.

  1. Passport
  2. Two passport-size photographs (2″x 2″)
  3. Visa application form
  4. Declaration form
  5. Medical insurance guaranteeing that the insurer will cover a minimum of 100,000 USD (or equivalent in other currencies) of medical costs incurred by the applicant in Thailand, including medical costs in the event that the applicant contracts COVID-19 (The insurance must cover the whole duration of stay in Thailand)
  6. A confirmation of booking of Alternative State Quarantine (Please check the list of the alternative state quarantine hotels at or
  7. Visa fee
  8. A copy of the bank statement for the last 6 months (the balance of each month must have no less than 500,000 baht)

At Departure

You will need to present the following at check-in.

  1. A “Certificate of Entry” issued by The Royal Thai Embassy or the Royal Thai Consulates-General;
  2. A “Health Certificate”, Fit to Fly, issued no more than 72 hours before departure.
  3. Medical insurance guaranteeing that the insurance company will cover a minimum of 100,000 US dollars (or equivalent in other currencies) of medical costs incurred by the applicant in Thailand, including medical costs in the event that applicant contracts COVID-19 (The insurance must cover the whole duration of stay in Thailand); and
  4. A Medical certificate with a laboratory result indicating that COVID -19 is not detected, issued no more than 72 hours before departure

Upon Arrival In Thailand

Travellers arriving in Thailand must present the following documents to be granted entry:

  1. COE and Declaration Form
  2. Medical certificate with a laboratory result indicating that COVID -19 is not detected, using RT-PCR test, issued no more than 72 hours before departure
  3. Fit-to-fly/Fit-to-travel Health Certificate issued no more than 72 hours before departure
  4. Medical insurance or letter from employer guaranteeing that the insurance company or employer will cover a minimum of 100,000 US dollars (or equivalent in other currencies) of medical costs incurred by the applicant in Thailand, including medical costs in the event that applicant contracts COVID-19 (The insurance must cover the whole duration of stay in Thailand)

If granted entry, the traveller mus undergo a second COVID-19 PCR test then go through 14 days of Alternative State Quarantine.

Post Quarantine

Tourists are free to travel without restriction but must follow all health and safety protocols such as wearing a mask and social distancing.

Final Thoughts

The steps for a Single Entry Tourist Visa seem straight forward enough, however, the trip is costly with insurance, flights, tests, certificates, expensive ASQ and that 6 months of having 500,000 baht in the bank is going to be the hurdle most will fall at.

To apply for a Single Entry Tourist Visa visit the Thai Embassy website closest to your location.


The Royal Thai Consulate in Hamburg, Germany has stated as of 13th November 2020 no financial proof is required when applying for a Single Entry Tourist Visa (TR).

Bank statements showing a balance of 500k for 6 months is no longer a requirement at this Consulate.

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