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Published on 16th April 2019 by Stickboy BKK

What possessed me to down tools last Friday and take a wander up to Soi 4 to see what Songkran shenanigans were taking place is one of those questions that will remain forever unanswered.

Normally for me, Songkran means staying at home and just working but for 2019 it was a wet and wild 4 days.

hillary 4 songkran 2019

On Friday the Hillary Group got the party started early and off I foolishly went in jeans and t-shirt to check out the antics on the soi of sin.

I hadn’t even reached the entrance to Morning Night when a bucket of beer with two straws was thrust into my hand by one of their service staff. “Mike, finish it”. Jesus, it was full.

A good effort seen me polish off half in one go and the bucket returned as I promised to come back later. I wanted to eat before boozing.

As you may have seen on social media I was drenched by the time I parked my backside in a wee Thai place up by Novotel.

dinner soi 4

After feeding my face it was time to head back down the soi and enjoy buckets of ice cold water being tossed over my head and poured down my back. What else should one expect?

From what I could see most other bars had joined in and were in full-on water wars mode but return to Morning Night I did as that seemed to be the liveliest bar on the soi at 6pm.

Morning Night Songkran 2019

A few bottles of Leo later and plenty of free entertainment from the sozzled staff it was time for pastures new. Home for a change of clothes was ruled out and a trip to Soi Cowboy ruled in.

Did someone not say a quiet afternoon?

struggling at lighthouse

As you can see drinking had become a struggle at Lighthouse so after shooting the breeze with the usual suspects for a couple of hours and feeding my face again it was time to clock out just after midnight and head home.

Home, via Sexy Night.

I fell into bed around 3am with plans to meet mates at Lollipop early Saturday afternoon for the official start to the three days of action at Nana Plaza.

Early afternoon my ass. It must have been at least 4.30pm by the time I made an appearance and it was madness in the Plaza courtyard.

Hair of the dog, don’t mind if I do.

The action inside The World’s Largest Adult Playground came to a close at sunset and my buddy had done his usual disappearing act so a look at the street party on soi 4 was my next move.

It didn’t take long to find where it was happening – Hillary 4 stole the show thanks to their DJ who was on his a-game entertaining 100’s of revelers.

A couple of beers, a few hellos and photos with some familiar faces and it was feeding time yet again.

hillary 1 burger

A big brute of a burger from Hillary 1, that I actually couldn’t finish, seen me straightened up and ready for what was coming next – an appearance from a mate who was ready to sink a few cold ones.

And a few we drank here and there and then some. Another unplanned late night checked off.

Sunday I was up and at it surprisingly early but just couldn’t face the internet so I chilled in front of the TV before firing up the computer late in the day. A few hours of work knocked off and my belly was rumbling.

Mr Can Cook, Won’t Cook went in search of some tucker hoping to avoid any late night water warriors. I managed to make it home bone dry just after 2am with not much to report. I was puffed out.

My fourth and final day of Songkran was a sombre affair.

I’d had enough and it was time to get back to work early Tuesday morning so not a lot of drinking and just a little eating was the order of the day.

I don’t think I will be out on the streets next year. Back to normal parked at my desk but to be fair, I did have a good time over the New Year festivities.

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