Stickboy Isn’t What It Used To Be

A common criticism of this site is that it’s not as “edgy” as it used to be with many saying I don’t shoot from the hip and tell it how it is like I did in the early days.

I hear this from both friends and readers.

Now I will be the first to put my hands up and say I have been off the boil for the past few months. I waken up in the morning with a thousand things to say yet I don’t say any of them.

The reasons for that are personal, not business related as most seem to think.

writers block

The conclusion that the majority have come to is that I’m in the pocket of my advertisers and I don’t share what I see or know for fear of losing their business.

I can understand that line of thinking as I’d probably come to the same conclusion myself if I was a reader but that isn’t the case.

Advertising on this site buys you just that. An ad. It doesn’t buy me or any editorial benefits.

And you might be surprised to hear no bar or business owners ask for anything other than a plug for their party or an invite to do some photos.

The last time I openly criticised a venue the owner emailed to me ask for a write to reply which I was happy to do.

The other thing to consider is that slamming bars is something I’ve never really done. Two or three times in the lifetime of the site which is around three and a half years.

If a bar is shit for whatever reason I simply won’t mention it. As I’ve said countless times before both here on the site and to those raising this point, I’d rather talk about where is good to go rather than being negative.

All the negativity on other nightlife websites is what made me launch Stickboy. All that doom and gloom mixed with gossip and hearsay – that 9 times out of 10 wasn’t true – isn’t for me.

My thinking is Bangkok has plenty of bars and clubs, so if something isn’t right then I will check bin and take my business elsewhere if the manager or owner isn’t willing to sort out whatever is wrong.

Running to the internet to trash talk them I will leave to the forum fanatics or Facebook fruitloops.


Another common complaint i get is from people I don’t know and have never met who expect me to run a story on the back of their experiences that I have no way of confirming as true. I don’t know if they have an axe to grind or some other agenda.

The same can be said of personal stories emailed to me relating to anything from marital disputes to missing persons.

I’m not running any of it unless I have seen and experienced it myself or have a way of verifying the facts otherwise I’m going to get threatened with a defamation charge – which happens more often than you might think – or worse, be walking around looking over my shoulder.

Stickboy is something I do because I enjoy doing it. I’m not going to go running my mouth on the back of an email from someone I don’t know or have met in a bar and take their word as gospel.

That would be the actions of an idiot but people get upset I when won’t publish their story which usually see’s them become abusive and call me an asshole.

Stickboy Isn't What It Used To Be

My usual suggestion to those criticising and complaining who think I’m not doing myself justice is that it’s easy to open a website, so why not do that and tell the world what’s on your mind.

The conversation usually ends right there in silence…

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