Stickboy Was Too Much For Facebook

Published on 17th February 2020 by Stickboy BKK

Facebook removing the Stickboy page from their site on Sunday came as no surprise after dozens of bans, restrictions and post suppression in the six years since it was created.

What I post to FB isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and it certainly doesn’t fit with what Zuckerberg & Co want on their platform but I ducked and dived trying to stay within the boundaries of what fitted as best as I could but between the haters and keyboard warriors reporting all the posts and AI technology used by Facebook it was impossible to keep it up.

And to be honest, it’s a miracle it didn’t happen sooner.

Korat shooter

The straw that broke the Facebook camel’s back was the selfie of the Korat gunman which apparently went against “Community Standards on dangerous individuals and organisations”.

Photos and videos of dead bodies, decapitations etc are all still perfectly acceptable content. The bottom line is, it is their website and they make the rules.

Facebook Page Gone

Sadly, Facebook is a necessary evil in the modern world for websites like Stickboy, or rather it was.

25,000 photos, 1000’s of videos and endless hours of work gone in the click of a moderators mouse has made me realise that yes, while Facebook was an essential tool to launch Stickboy, I am no longer convinced it has to play such a large part in what goes on around here any more and my thoughts are it is time to explore new avenues.

Sure, I will continue to post on the backup page – Stickboy BKK – which I created a couple of years ago in preparation for a scenario like this but it will be limited to vanilla content from now on.

If you want to see all the good stuff Facebook doesn’t want you to see then either follow me on Twitter or drop by here at the website as I do 70+ updates a week which will likely increase in the weeks ahead.

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