Stop The Presses! Online Men Make Crude Comments About Hot Maid

Published on 31st March 2016 by Stickboy BKK

You know it’s a slower than slow news day when you are reading about an employment agency posting the CV of a cute 20-year-old chick looking for a job as a nanny and she gets hit on and propositioned by thousands of horny guys.

If something remotely interesting was happening here in Thailand the likes of the Bangkok Post would file this in the B.1.N. file in two seconds flat.

If the truth be told I’m just as bad because I wouldn’t be talking about the Bangkok Post running this nonsense if there was something better to talk about but they like every other newspaper can’t help dip their toe in a viral story that makes a whole lot of something out of nothing for a few thousand clicks despite their foreign staff proclaiming this sort of stuff is beneath them.

Online Men Make Crude Comments About Hot Maid

So what was all the fuss about with the maid?

A Facebook page run by an agency for foreign teachers and nannies posted a photo of Mo, a 20-year-old from Myanmar, stating she has been in Thailand for three years, is single and wants to work as a nanny.

Being as she was a wee cutie the update was shared by other popular Thai FB pages which is when the comments and proposals started flooding in, mostly from men.

One said he’d like to hire her to babysit him and another suggesting she become his gik that came with 20k a month, a condo and a car with the opportunity to become his first wife depending on her skills in the bedroom.

Why are people so surprised and making a big deal of a few Facebook comments? This is the internet and this sort of thing happens hundreds, if not thousands, of times every day just in Thailand never mind the rest of the world.

For the most part the comments were love-heart emojis and comments saying she was narak. No big deal and certainly not worthy of being on the front page of the Bangkok Post website.

This is not supposed to be what the top English-language paper in the country is about, is it?

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