The Most Subdued #SlipperySunday Ever

Published on 5th February 2018 by Stickboy BKK

What is usually a very messy affair that see’s copious amount of beer consumed and bar bills with more lady drinks on them than some guys buy in a month, last nights #SlipperySunday turned out to be the most subdued ever.

I bought a grand total of three beers drinking only two. I smoked five cigs instead of the usual two packs and bought a whopping zero lady drinks in the space of five hours.

Gav The Gaffer was looking like he was all set for the monkhood too armed with a bottle of water at 10pm.

Nana Plaza neon

So what went wrong?

Well I pitched up at 8pm with work to do and didn’t want to drink until I’d taken care of business but I was walking like I’d downed 10 beers by 9 o’clock with a few folks I know asking me was I alright. I’d only had a coffee and a water at this point in proceedings.

I felt okay but could feel my legs were a little wobbly but it was onwards and upwards to Billboard where I thought a sugary drink might be what I was needing. The look on the service chicks face when I ordered a Coke was a picture. “No San Mig Stickboy?”.

The place was busy at 9pm and was still packing them in when I left an hour later. Looking good for a Sunday night.

billboard stickboy tees

By 10pm I was starting to feel gash but still had a few hellos to do before heading home.

With the Turkish Sheep Herder and Tricky Nicky ticked off the list I thought I’d get a bit of scran down my neck to steady the ship. The two beers I had in a rather busy Angelwitch did not have the medicinal effect I’d hoped for.

Some hot soup and half a plate of Fish & Chips sorta worked but it was time to throw in the towel and head home – much to the surprise of her indoors who was expecting the usual Sloshboy at 4 or 5am, not Soberboy at 1am.

I slept until 8am and wakened feeling fresh as a daisy and walking straight with full power in both pins. My wallet is feeling pretty health too having spent SFA compared to normal.

As for Gav The Gaffer, well, that lightweight was using the excuse he had a flight to catch this morning at 11am. Yeah, the word begins with P and ends with Y is my thinking here…

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