Tales From The Front: Moving On

Published on 28th December 2019 by Stickboy BKK

Stickboy, a bar boss and Scuba Man are celebrating Christmas outside a Bangkok go-go bar…

Two young fresh fish pull up a couple of chairs at a nearby table and order 2 Chang to sup on. All is well on the Neon Alley.

The bar boss being the chatty, friendly host hears their English accents and strikes up a conversation and it turns out they know a few places where they’ve all grown up and hung out.

Talk of their trip to Thailand is just the usual chit chat you hear from newbies.

They arrived Christmas Eve and thought they’d take a look at the seedy side of Bangkok… for the second night in a row.

Moving On

Cheap sexual encounters Colin and Patrick claimed to have ticked off their list included a 150 baht blowjoib down the side of a 7-Eleven.

Stickboy is desperate to make a sharp exit but has nowhere to go.

At this point, Scuba Man enters the conversation having been sidetracked with a couple of tarts who looked more than a handful.

“So, what’s the story boys? Are you here on holiday? Christmas break?”

Colin says, “Yeah, we took four months off work and we’re planning on doing a bit of travelling”

“Are you planning on spending some time in Bangkok?”, Scuba Man enquires.

“Tomorrow we’re moving on”, said Patrick

“Oh yeah, where are you boys off to then? Down south to one of the island?”

“No, tomorrow we’re off to Khaosan Road”.

Stickboy, Scuba Man and the bar boss erupt into a fight of laughter leaving the boys sat in silence.

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