Tales From The Front: Too Expensive For 2

Published on 20th May 2018 by Stickboy BKK

Stickboy, Budget Bobby and Long-Lens Larry walk into a bar….

“Man, it’s good to get out. It’s been a while,” Bobby says, sipping on his cheap draft beer.

“Yeah, not seen you for a while,” Stickboy says. “What’s the occasion?”

Budget Bobby pauses, eyeing a buxom dancer heading his way only to see her waylaid by Larry waving his long lens in her face.

Too Expensive For 2

“Ah, too much family drama with the missus,” BB continues with a grimace as he watches Larry pick off another dancer by having her hold his pulsating flash unit.

“The wife been on the horn with her sister all day. Seems she caught her husband of 15 years having an affair. She confronted him and told him to leave her… he said no.”

“Oh boy, that must have went over well,” Stickboy said. “So now your missus is asking if you have a bit on the side?”

“Yes,” Budget Bobby replies. “But I told her she has nothing to worry about. I can’t afford her, let alone a mia noi.”

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