Tales From The Front: Pizza Delivery Boys

Published on 23rd September 2018 by Stickboy BKK

Stickboy, Gav the Gaffer and Thin Lizzy walk into go-go bar with a pizza…

Yes, you read that right. An entire Gallery Pizza pie. Hot. In the box, proving you’ll never know what you’ll see in a Bangkok chrome pole palace.

Whether it was the sight of the pizza or that Lizzy actually would be seen in public with Stick and the Gaffer, the eyes of the security mob out front went wide, but they didn’t stop the entourage.

Stickboy twisted his way to the back of the bar, only to be turned around by The Thin One, who wanted to hit the girls’ eyes with a big pizza pie.

She said a fair few looked like they could use one. And some donuts. And ice cream.

Tales From The Front Pizza Delivery Boys

The reaction, however, was slower than expected. The BTS Shufflers didn’t even notice the pizza, so deep were their noses in their mobile phones. But once those noses got a whiff of the Italian spices, food trumped Facebook.

The box was hoisted. Cheese was dripped. The mobiles got tucked into bikini bottoms.

So now the girls still weren’t dancing, but they were feeding their faces.

Stickboy and Gaffer had their slice. Lizzy taunted girls with hers. One was given as a tip to the waitress.

Now off-stage, the gaggle of go-go girlies surrounded Stickboy, complimenting him for his new oregano & tomato cologne. “Hey, you smell good now,” one gushed.

But soon the box was empty. Mission accomplished, Lizzy bid her adieu before anyone she knew saw her with the ageing Thompson Twins. Pizza gone, the girls departed as well, leaving the two boys with a box, just not the kind they came in for.

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