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Talking Tea & Coffee



As frustrations in Bangkok grow at the ongoing restrictions on selling alcohol in restaurants and the continued closure of bars, people, rightly or wrongly, wanting a drink and a night out are continuously asking in comments, emails, private messages etc where can they get a cup of “tea” or “coffee”.

As things go in Thailand, there’s always someone willing to break the rules and take their chances selling sauce when they shouldn’t be.

In Bangkok, you can drink and dance around the clock – if you know where to go.

And here is where the trouble starts.

Talking Tea Coffee Clubs

Too many people are getting annoyed, angry and upset with me because I’m not spilling the beans on social media where they can go for a decent “coffee”.

I guess they are just getting pissy at me out of frustration but you can be assured I won’t be incriminating myself or anyone else by talking about this sort of thing in a public forum or even privately with strangers.

Dropping hints, talking double-Dutch, a nudge and a wink… all good. Blurting it out, no chance.

As I was telling Stickman last month, the Stickboy audience is very diverse.

On Twitter, for example, around 40% of followers are female, both Thai and foreign. There’s also diplomats, ambassadors, politicians, policemen, journalists, mixed in with locals, expats and tourists tuning in to my daily updates.

I dread to think what would happen if I published on Facebook or Twitter, “Right troops, the “coffee” club hot pick of the day is Big Barry’s British Boozer on Soi 69. 2 mugs for 100 baht on special until 7pm”

Big Bazz would most likely be cuffed and stuffed within the hour, a couple of dozen patrons possibly heading for court the following day for breaking the Emergency Decree and most importantly, me and my missus packing our bags and heading to the hills for safety as God knows who is out for blood.

I’m happy with both my legs attached to my body and living in Bangkok, thank you very much.

The other common complaint at the moment is me not reporting who has been busted for selling “coffee”.

Just ask yourself, why would I want to piss on people struggling to stay afloat after a brutal 12 months?

I know I’m an asshole but there’s a time and a place for that – right now isn’t it.

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Follow, follow, you should follow Stickboy…

Several new Stickboy 2.0 social media channels are now live and awaiting you to press Like & Follow.

The new Facebook page is right here.

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Technical Troubles



In the process of making a few changes to the front and backend of Stickboy 2.0 it would seem that every upgrade or fix results in numerous breakages.

The most frustrating of them all is the PHP cache that won’t automatically clear leaving visitors thinking there have been no updates since their last visit when there probably have been.

technical troubles

A temp fix for readers is to refresh the homepage in your browser and Voilà! All the latest updates will appear.

Hopefully, the tech folks will have this fixed over the weekend.

As for all the other small snags, they will be fixed soon. Fingers crossed.

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