Target Achieved. Time To Sell Up And Move On?

Published on 23rd June 2016 by Stickboy BKK

When I started Stickboy Bangkok my aim was to create an entertaining website that not only shared nightlife news but viral stories and current events I thought would be of interest to expats and tourists.

The site soon found a niche audience and began to grow through social media as I spent anywhere up to 10 hours a day on Twitter and Facebook interacting, sharing and generally getting the name Stickboy Bangkok noticed.

In the beginning I set myself a target of 1 million pageviews in a single month. I hoped to achieve that sooner than I have but for both personal and business reasons it has taken until this month for me to hit my goal.

Across all channels I hit one million eyeballs last year with current audience reach well in excess of 6 million per month when you include the website and all social media channels, a metric now used by many of the worlds top sites such as Buzzfeed.

Now this pat on my own back will probably make me sound like a complete douchebag but now and again you need to blow your own trumpet.

On Monday morning I woke up to discover the site had hit its best day so far with 92,000 views for Sunday 19th and also had its best week with 305,000 views. Not the biggest numbers by any means but not too shabby for its niche.

But as much as those stats made me smile the fact the top story of the past 7 days as of Tuesday had more views than the Bangkok Post’s top 3 news stories combined over the same 7 day period made me smile more.

Sure it was a stroke of luck, a fluke, call it what you will but it still left me feeling pretty pleased with myself.

stickboy bangkok post stats
Top story over 7 day period as of June 21st was viewed 84,077 times

stickboy bangkok post stats
Over same 7 day period the Bangkok Post’s top 3 most viewed news combined was 77,394 views

And so begs the question, has the time come for me to sell up and move on to something else?

I’ve mentioned before how time consuming running Stickboy Bangkok can be, not to mention its limitation so far as earnings are concerned. Due to the nature of the content and commentary not everyone wants their business associated with the site, which I understand and have no problem with.

Maybe someone else can take it to the next level regarding content, traffic and revenue.

Adding a forum and a directory, hiring writing staff, allowing readers submissions, putting an age-gate on the risque content have all been suggested to me and all dismissed for one reason or another which is why I should just set 2 million pageviews for the site and 10 million reach as my new targets and keep on doing what I’m doing.

And that’s exactly what I’m gonna do… you aren’t getting rid of me so easily. 555+

I will finish with what this update was intended to do – say a big thank you to each and everyone of you for helping me achieve what I set out to do. Readers, advertisers and haters alike, have a beer on me tonight, and no, I’m not on the bell.

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