The Stickboy Thai Twitter Awards 2015

Published on 29th December 2015 by Stickboy BKK

thai twitter awards 2015

It’s been a fun-filled year in Thai Twitterverse and as 2015 comes to a close it is time to publish The Stickboy Thai Twitter Awards, as voted for by …. me.

Let’s see if any of the awards below lead to a few new blocks. 555+

Most Entertaining Thailander

Bob James @NotThatBobJames

Bobby Boy got off to a quiet start in the Thailander hot seat back in January but things soon livened up when he blew a fuse after Gibbs hacked the account leaving 7-11’s with spaces where the popcorn should be as a week long rock throwing contest unfolded.

The toys were getting tossed out the pram hourly and as an outsider looking in, it was hilarious.

Most Annoying Thailander

Ben Something @mrbenhutch

Topic: Mr Special and a Bangkok big dick or just a first class fud? Discuss.

thailander discuss

Fittest Tweeter

Nongster @NonGSter

I’m say nothing here or I will get an ass-kicking 555+

Most Vomit-Inducing

Big Turtle Small Owl @Bturtlesmallowl

The lovebirds blocked me back in October for stating the obvious. Well, they do say love is blind.

Best Journo

Jerome Taylor @JeromeTaylor

Unlike 99.9% of his reporter colleagues, Jerome has a sense of humour, likes a joke and a bit of banter and doesn’t have his head up his own ass nor would he eat himself if he was chocolate. A rarity.

Oh yeah, he covers Thai news pretty well too and shares lots of great photos.

Best Troll Account

Lucky Erawan @LuckyErawan

No other Thai Twitterverse troll account is worth following.

Best D&D Coverage

JS100 @JS100

Death and destruction are the foundations of Stickboy news and the most up-to-the minute D&D on Thai Twitter comes from JS100.

If you want blood and guts car crash pics mixed in with road reports, time to start following.


Most Entertaining

Talking Bullocks @roastbeef69

The man likes to call a spade a spade and does so with lots of humour sprinkled on top.

Best “Alternative” News

John Le Fevre @photo_journ

John sure does have a way with words making regional news not only informative but pretty entertaining too.

Why Do I Follow You?

SoMa SoM @somcity

If you were to browse through all the people I follow SoMa SoM would stick out like a sore thumb and have you saying, “Huh? Why? Surely a mistake”.

It’s no mistake. I follow SoMa SoM for one reason and one reason only. Tweets like this. I love ’em.

Most Useful

Nalinee Siriked @Nalinee_PLE

“Via @Nalinee_PLE” probably looks familiar to regular followers of Stickboy as it is the account I share most from due to its regular and timely news updates from around Thailand.

Gold stars all round from me.

Most Consistently Assinine Tweeter

Andie W @LoveLifeSince86

Mind-numbingly painful. We don’t need to know what time she woke, went to work, ate lunch or what ever her level of horny is every 36 seconds.

andie twitter

Farrang Armchair Political Pundit

SteveInCM @SteveInCM

There were a few nominees for this award as Twitter has its fair share of armchair political pundits who know it ALL.

It amazes me how such experts on economics, foreign affairs, and hundreds of other fields are sat unemployed on farms in Nakon Nowhere when they should be suited and booted running government departments somewhere in the world.

Fountains of knowledge gone to waste so they kick the chickens off the couch and Tweet all day long in the hope someone agrees with them, ridiculing anyone who dare disagree.

If you follow both LoveLifeSince86 and SteveInCM, I think it’s time to seek medical attention.

Best Pics

Bangkok Charlie @bangkokcharlie

There are lots and lots of great Twitter accounts sharing fantastic photos but what I like most about Bangkok Charlie is the variety of what he shares, not to mention he isn’t a one-way Tweeter like so many photo-centric accounts, all of which I have unfollowed this year.

Miss Lonely Heart

Cholt @issheonanything

This was a tough one as so many Thai women bleed their hearts out over men on Twitter, talking away to themselves and constantly pining over their first lost loves that they want to get back with all the while hanging off the arm of a new man every other day.

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