Let Me Look Into My Crystal Ball

For months Twitter, Facebook and especially Reddit have been full of comments on how safe everything in Bangkok is. Expert opinion on a subject they know little of has been spewed out on a daily basis from experts as far away as New York.

Hell, most of these political gurus can’t even speak Thai, so how they have come to understand the intricacies of the history of Thai politics is almost miracle-like but that doesn’t stop them banging on their keyboards and hitting “post”.

The thing that I always forget when reading their advice is that they have a crystal ball and I don’t. That is how they know what tomorrow will bring Bangkok. I’m such a fool at times.

thai flag crystal ball

So many have sources and friends in high places, yeah they count the manager of a third floor Nana titty bar as a friend in a high place who “knows”. But that’s right. They’d never go to such a den of iniquity yet they can tell you it was selling beer in plastic cups during the last alcohol ban.

Amazingly all the experts failed to mention a word of this mornings news that soldiers would be on the streets of Bangkok, and Martial Law declared across the country – until they seen it online when they wakened today.

Perhaps they forgot to dust the crystal ball or were too busy with their Chang longnecks but not one person mentioned a word that before dawn the army would be out in force and the police given an extended holiday as the army took control of the streets.

What happened to their sources and moles that are now telling them everything – after the fact. They are all nothing but a bunch of fools. And that includes those who call themselves journalists based here in Bangkok.