The 5,000 Baht Barfine Has Landed

Published on 15th March 2015 by Stickboy BKK


Go-go bars are noisy at the best of times, the girls command of the English language probably isn’t gonna get them an A in any exam and when you mix booze into the equation misunderstandings and miscommunication are commonplace when punters are negotiating the services and charges of the girls.

So if you asked a girl how much her barfine was and she replied 5,000 baht you’d be sure there had been something lost in the conversation and you’d most likely be thinking this was her short or long time fee, right?

Well, the bad news is that in at least one Soi Cowboy bar 5,000 baht is now the standard barfine fee for a coyote dancer. Five large for a barfine… just how much she was wanting for a roll in the hay I don’t know as the conversation didn’t go that far.

In Bangkok 5k can go a long way and it certainly doesn’t mean you will be in the company of a chunky monkey either. The cheapest barfine I know of is 300 baht which is the price charged by a popular soi 4 watering hole with go-go bars charging on average 700 baht for “regular” dancers and around 1200-1500 baht for coyote girls.

For me 700 baht is a fair price. The increased pricing for coyote’s is nothing more than a ruse as far as I’m concerned but it is what it is and if punters are willing to pay then bars will charge accordingly. The principles of supply and demand work in any business and the sex trade is no exception.

Do I think it’s a rip off? Not at all. If customers are willing to pay 5k just to take the girl out of the bar then good luck to all involved. Would I pay a 5,000 baht barfine? Hell yeah, if I was loaded and I was into the girl but I’m not loaded so there’s no chance of that happening any time soon.

I’m now sat thinking of all the fun times I’ve had for 5k…

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