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The Ripoffs Return & The Bullshit Is Back



It really hasn’t taken very long for Thailand to return to its old ways despite only a small number of tourists actually touching down so far.

As an ex-pat living and working in Bangkok throughout the pandemic, the joys of being able to hail a cab and jump in without the ritual of shouting your destination through a window, not getting back out after getting in or any of the other bullshit when trying to get from A to B.

It was a wonderful time.

Yup, the small things can make a world of difference to your day and you, me, and the man from the moon have all been there when it comes to cranky cabbies.

“Pbai nai?”, “Mai mee gas”, “Ohh too far”, “Song roi baht, okay?”.

But it would seem the good times are over and it’s not just taxi twats up to their old tricks again ether.

The Ripoffs Return The Bullshit Is Back

A lot of bars are back to wanting funny money too. 50 baht for a bucket of ice? Seriously? You can fuck right off with that nonsense. 50 fucking baht. For a small bucket of ice. No way Jose.

The same place was charging 50 baht for a game of pool too. The cues were like a snapped branch with a bit of felt glued on the end and the table was sitting on beer crates.

Keep in mind this particular establishment could only be described as a shack. The last time it saw a paintbrush Noah was loading the ark.

So, what happened to all those delightful drink deals and fantastic food offers we were enjoying the length and breadth of Sukhumvit? They have disappeared faster than a toupee in a hurricane.

The tuk-tuk hustlers are back out in force too, no doubt with free trips to the tailors and gem shop back on the itinerary. No thanks, bro.

It sure was nice while it lasted but the ripoffs and bullshit are most definitely back in full effect, in Bangkok at least.

Ah well, it was nice while it lasted.

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Hopefully, the tech folks will have this fixed over the weekend.

As for all the other small snags, they will be fixed soon. Fingers crossed.

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