The Year That Was…

Published on 31st December 2018 by Stickboy BKK

2018 started off pretty quiet with me just doing what I do – work, drink, eat, sleep, shag… and for the first four months of the year that pretty much sums things up.

Then in April, I went to my sister-in-law’s wedding up in Sisaket. What a blast that was. I loved it. Upon my return to Bangkok, I felt refreshed and rejuvenated which is just as well because within 6 weeks big changes were coming my way.

I landed a full-time marketing job out of the blue in June. It’s the perfect fit for what I already do with Stickboy. All I had to do was juggle my work schedule slightly and manage my time better. 6 months in and all is going well.

A month or so later the opportunity to acquire a few nightlife websites came my way and so Stick Media Ltd was born. Again, my workload wasn’t going to be weighed down as my main role aside from seeing everyone was producing content is to sell advertising. Something I already do for myself so pitching a few more sites was no biggie.

The Year That Was

My social media business exploded in the 2nd half of the year too but my team are all over it like a rash and need very little supervision. The only work there for me is organising photo shoots, sending out invoices and paying the troops every month.

Next up was a conversation about a bar that was for sale that led me down a road I didn’t think I’d see myself on, not to mention one that had a crossroads on it that seen me take a left turn instead of the planned right. It all worked out in the end and so I now have a 50% stake in a boozer. With everything else I have going on my time on this project is very limited but there’s a great team in place who are all workers and I let my missus stand in for me to keep an eye on things.

Stickboy and my marketing job will always take top priority – they are my bread and butter with everything else I have going on a bonus. No slacking off allowed.

And talking of Stickboy, monthly reach is now averaging 8 million eyeballs a month, a massive thanks to all of you who stop by the website and follow me on social media.

Let’s see what 2019 has in store for me…

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