There’s Always Something Cooking At Stick HQ

Published on 30th June 2017 by Stickboy BKK

It may appear at times I’m slow on the uptake with a news story that’s all over or pretty quiet on social media but in reality 9 times out of 10 I’m still sat at my desk working on something.

Some news stories of both day to day life here in Thailand and some related to nightlife never see the light of day despite me spending a considerable amount of time researching and often writing them.

A perfect example this week of that is the story of Elise Dallemange, the tourist who died on Koh Tao in April.

I’ve spent hours on this and not published a single word. Why is that? Well, the story is full of holes and those running it are either sensationalising or speculating.

Facts are thin on the ground. There’s no crime scene photos – which if released would put an end to much of what’s being published, no direct quotes from those who investigated the death when it happened. Even information provided by her mother is contradictory.

Despite the time and effort I’ve put into this one, I’ll pass on it for now.

Theres Always Something Cooking At Stick HQ

This week I’ve also been out and about working nights doing photoshoots at bars around town that eats up a fair bit of time.

Despite the thoughts of Stickwife and some readers, I don’t work 25 hours a day, 8 days a week.

Getting home late and back up at the crack of dawn takes its toll and earlier this year following 10 days of shoots plus putting in my normal daily hours I was exhausted and said never again.

So now if I’m out night I typically don’t start until mid afternoon and work through until around midnight.

I’ve also started taking “days off” which in reality means I work half what I normally would.

And before anyone suggests I’m bitching and moaning, I’m definitely not. I love what I do but I’m not willing to kill myself doing it plus this quick write up is for those who think I’m slacking on the news front.

I’d rather be last with a story and know it’s correct than churn out any old crap just so I can be first with it.

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