There’s NO Closing Time Curfew Or Crackdown

Published on 4th June 2017 by Stickboy BKK

Over the past week several stories reporting nightlife closing time curfews and crackdowns have been doing the rounds and it was even picked up by The Guardian in the UK.

The reports all focus on two areas, Khaosan Road and Thonglor, with added coverage about venues elsewhere in the city being forced to close down completely as they can’t survive due to police enforcing their official closing time and high rents.

A couple of places on KSR have been told to close at midnight as they don’t have licenses to open beyond that time.

This comes after an illegal nightclub was raided and shutdown last month resulting in several senior officers being moved to inactive posts and a new chief drafted in who has put his foot down… for now.

The illegal club was packed with underage drinkers, drugs were found and it was also deemed a fire hazard. It was only 500 meters from the local police station.

Meanwhile, over in Thonglor local police have shutdown several late night venues found to be operating without the correct paperwork following complaints from local residents about noise late at night.

Due to the spotlight on them, it’s the same story as KSR with police telling some venues to close on time or else. Even Soi Cowboy are turning the neon off at 2am.

As far as I’m aware that’s it. No other areas have been affected.

Theres NO Closing Time Curfew Or Crackdown

All this talk of curfews and crackdowns is nothing short of sensationalist clickbait by those twisting the story and writing ridiculous headlines in a bid to increase pageviews.

What bothers me about all of this is international media jumping on the bandwagon and churning out stories that simply aren’t true, misinforming and misleading potential visitors to Bangkok.

If those considering traveling to Thailand read that and think bars and clubs are closing at midnight they may reconsider their plans and go elsewhere. That’s not good for anyone in the nightlife and entertainment sector.

The story originated from an English language news website in Bangkok who have been pushing links to the article on their social media channels almost a week after it was published in a bid to keep the story alive.

I haven’t seen any mention of a crackdown on nightlife in any Thai language publications. That’s because there isn’t one and anyone saying there is are simply twisting the truth.

As for the small clubs closing their doors for good, well, perhaps they should have considered getting their house in order before breaking the law and getting caught.

If you want to party late in Bangkok, you can.

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