There’s More To Stickboy Than Social Media

I’m amazed at the number of people who don’t know there is an actual Stickboy Bangkok website thinking it’s only about updates on social media.

Bizarre considering I share 4 or 5 links to updates here on the site most days of the week.

Granted I don’t share links to every new piece of content I add here as my strategy when starting out was to mix it up over all channels, taking a different approach from others.

Some Facebook and Twitter feeds are just link after link to their owners websites…. to me that’s just a snoozefest and not the easiest way to build an audience with no budget.

Sharing pics, videos and items of interest was the tactic I used to build up followers and it has worked a treat for me with a monthly reach of around 4 million on Twitter and Facebook with over 60k combined followers.

facebook twitter

Some websites choose to take a video or photo and stretch it like an elastic band to turn it into a website update where I see it as a standalone social media update.

I’m not knocking them for doing so, each to their own but it just adds to that snoozefest of endless links not to mention it drastically cuts the chance of the content going viral that gains you new followers and gives your brand exposure.

Even Stickboy Twitter and Facebook don’t share the same updates. Both are very differing audiences and content. It’s rare I will take a Tweet by someone I follow that I’ve shared and use it on my Facebook feed and vice versa.

The bottomline is if you want to see all Stickboy updates then you’re going to have to check the website daily and follow me on both Facebook and Twitter.

And if that isn’t enough, the Bangkok Breakfast Show will be coming at ya soon too.