Thirsty Thursday At The Inn Of Pleasure

I seem to be out as often as I’m in these days which can be as much of a bad thing as it is good but a few bevvies with Gav The Gaffer at The Inn Of Pleasure was how my Thursday night went.

Yes, after a whirlwind tour of The World’s Largest Playground with the new GM, I could have hot-footed it back home, planted myself back at my desk to knock out a few more posts or Tweets but I’d been at it all day so a few cold ones were in order.

Thirsty Thursday At The Inn Of Pleasure

The first thing I noticed when I went into Stumble Inn was I couldn’t find an empty seat. Unlike the previous couple of weeks Soi 4 was bouncing last night with lots and lots of bodies about.

The band were on a break so I sat right in front of them with plans to move before they got back to business. Beer ordered, ashtray delivered. That’s me sorted for five minutes.

Thirsty Thursday At The Inn Of Pleasure

At 10pm and the place was rocking.

Gav The Gaffer appeared out of nowhere and off we went to sit out front to watch the world go by but it was full except for one table right where Stumble meets Morning Night.

As it turns out, this isn’t a bad spot. Eyeball the comings and goings from two bars with a birds-eye view of the freak show on the street.

It didn’t take long for the Morning Night maidens to spot me and before you know it I’m sat in Stumble but buying drinks in Morning Night.

Thirsty Thursday At The Inn Of Pleasure

Not that The Inn Of Pleasure was short on talent.

There were plenty of ladies on the loose looking for some company for the night but the only thing on my menu was beer… and a plate of chips and curry sauce.

Gav The Gaffer did try and entice me into visiting a few chrome pole palaces but I wasn’t biting tonight. I was quite happy staying put with plans to head home at midnight.

Aye, sure. I checked bin close to 1.30am before wandering off into the night in search of a taxi with promises of a far more lively night next time.