A Few Thoughts On The Khaosan Kicking

Published on 19th August 2016 by Stickboy BKK

Cops Out On Khaosan To Make Twatpackers Feel Safe

What do you do if a video goes viral of tourists getting the shit kicked out of them in the middle of a world famous street by a bunch of thugs employed by a nightclub frequented by, erm, tourists?

Send out a squad of cops tailed by a bunch of reporters and photographers of course.

This will show the world (despite only Thai media sharing the PR stunt) that all is well and those in Bangkok’s backpacker ghetto are as safe as houses, until the next time some boozed-up Brit thinks it’s a good idea to get mouthy and flip Somchai working security the bird.

I’d bet there’s been a few beatings by bouncers since Sunday as this kind of thing is nothing out of the ordinary on KSR. The beatingss just don’t go viral like the smartphone footage from the weekend.

It’s a problem the world over and not unique to Khaosan Road or Bangkok.

brawling Brits

On the one hand we have a street full of Bogans, Chavs and Neds, call them what you will, pissed out their minds and acting like animals. On any given weekend in their home countries they will be satisfied when they wake with a hangover having had a dozen pints and a punch-up the night before.

These louts are not to be confused with twatpackers, they are two very different breeds.

The brawling Brits who got a beating at the weekend don’t look like they are strangers to a ruckus. The photo above of the four involved was taken at the hospital shortly after the Khaosan crew belted them about.

They in no way look upset by what happened. Quite the opposite.

Which brings me to nightclub bouncers. The KSR security guys are no different to their counterparts working doors around the world.

It’s a shit job they do for a) pulling birds, b) the chance to kick the shit out of someone.

Working doors is a boring job that see’s the bouncers stood around for hours on end, night after night doing, well, not very much other than practicing their tough guy pose and look. So when it does pop off they have all that pent up aggression just bursting to get out and they lose it.

When others get involved the pack mentality takes over and this is NOT unique to Thailand when it involves nightclub bouncers. They are the same any every town and city around the world.

So we have two groups of guys charged up on drink and drugs chasing skirt and looking for a fight and it’s inevitably only going to end one way – what we seen in the viral video. Someone getting a kicking.

The cops are just there to clean up the mess and sending a few head honchos out on the streets with a press pack is a waste of time but face is saved and its shown they are on the job.

How many times have you read a story in western media that extra patrols have been deployed following some unsavory incident? Plenty but in Thailand they just do it a little different.

Until the next kicking… be it Khaosan, Cowboy, Walking Street or Bangla Road.

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