Thursday Night Was Looking Alright

Published on 30th August 2019 by Stickboy BKK

I had no plans to visit Nana Plaza last night but that is where I ended up after spending a couple of hours at Saxophone eating, drinking and enjoying the jazz.

Our first port of call was Stumble Inn to see Gav The Gaffer where there was a decent crowd enjoying all the Inn Of Pleasure has to offer.

I popped out to grab some cash and make a quick visit to Lollipop where the outside bar was full. That’s something I haven’t seen in ages.

Back for beers and bullshit with GTG before we Stumbled Out the back door up to the middle floor for a long overdue visit to Sexy Night.


The first thing that caught my attention was a new TV hanging up at the back end of the bar… it just looks out of place. Sexy Night doesn’t need a TV showing sports.

Again, there was a decent crowd in but as is often the case with Sexy Night, customers come and go and in the blink of an eye you can be the only ones left parked at the bar. Not that I care, it’s just nice to see punters in for the sake of the owners.

sexy night nana plaza

A half dozen Leo’s and who knows how many song requests later we shuffled next door to Angelwitch to see a mate. It was a flying visit as our plan was to hit Mandarin before heading home.

We almost made it but the mamasan stood outside Diamonds had other ideas. Ah, why not?

And what do you know? It was doing alright in there too.

Now I don’t know if the showgirl dancing on stage knew me or my drinking partner but she beckoned her over to join us for a drink. And things soon got out of hand with the Diamonds dollybird pushing for us to barfine her for some threeway fun. Not tonight honey. You are a good laugh but off your rocker.

When she climbed back on stage for her show we made our escape to our final destination, Mandarin, and boy that was short-lived.


In we go, pull up a seat, two beers ordered, bathroom break for my boozing buddy as they were getting sorted out only for her to come back just as they landed on the table only to ask was it cool if we called it a night as she felt hammered. We paid the bin without evening tasting the froth.

Things were indeed looking alright for a Thursday night especially after things being so quiet over the past couple of months. Here’s hoping it keeps up and there are plenty more nights ahead like it because everyone needs it.

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