Time For Us Lads To BOYCOTT Ladies Nights

Published on 9th April 2015 by Stickboy BKK

Time For Us Lads To BOYCOTT Ladies Nights

Every damn day of the week is the same. promos for this ladies night, flyers for that ladies night. Free entry, free booze, free food – all for the women.

Us guys, what do we get? Sweet eff all. Cover charges, normal priced drinks and a great big middle finger from the managers who think we are gonna turn up like panting puppy dogs because their bar might have a bit of skirt in it.

Well, I say it’s time we gave them the middle finger and tell them to stick their ladies nights up their ass and BOYCOTT every last one of them. We are being treated like mugs, and I don’t know about you but that’s something I’m not willing to let anyone do.

The whole ladies night concept is one that depends on guys with fat wallets subsidising all the freebies for the birds. Picture yourself stood in a bar or club with a table of ten women next to you – would you pay for their drinks all night? Not likely but at these ripoff for the fellas ladies nights with open bars and endless free drinks for the girls, that is exactly what you, me and every other guy there is doing. Paying for their drinks.

This bullshit has to stop and the only way that’s gonna happen is if we stop showing up thinking the bar or club could have a few bits of totty there who we might have a chance with. Come on, it’s not like the bars across Bangkok are short of women with or without some poxy ladies night on.

So I say fuck em, let spends our hard earned baht elsewhere. Let the managers take this hit and let the women get bevvied on their baht instead of ours.

And the old argument from women that every day is man day in Bangkok and they should get something isn’t gonna fly either. If they dried their eyes and stopped bloody moaning they might actually get a bloke. Why on earth would anyone in their right mind date a chick that’s gonna whine and moan when you can date a sweet little Thai babe who isn’t gonna say a peep when you roll in at 5am after a good night out with your bit on the side?

As for bar managers reading this, have you never thought about doing a bit of thinking outside the box and stop hitting us with the same old crap everyone has been doing for the past 20 odd years? Is a Ladies Night the best you’ve got? Really, come on…

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