Time To Hit The Tourist Trail

Time To Hit The Tourist Trail

On Tuesday my sister and her crew arrive in Bangkok for the first time and good ole Stickboy is gonna be playing the tour guide for the next ten days.

With two teenage lads it’s all going to be pure and wholesome with temples, markets, malls and all the usual stuff.

I have a list as long as my arm to work my way through with their work mates tossing the usual tourist traps around that have given them ideas like MBK and KSR… oh man, this is gonna be a tough time.

Time To Hit The Tourist Trail

Of course, a trip to the three floor pleasure palace and a jaunt down the neon alley are a must for the brother-in-law. I’ll be telling him Charades has the hottest chrome pole crumpet in town as I sort him out with some warm up beer goggles.

As for updates on the website and social media. Well, expect lots of Stick Barrow type stuff and I’ll have food reviews coming out my ass.

Email replies will likely be a little slower than normal. If you need me in a hurry Line or call me.

The Bangkok Breakfast Show With Stickboy