Time To Relax

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago I need to take a proper break to recharge my batteries, gather my thoughts and put into place a plan of moving Stickboy Bangkok forward after hammering it hard for the past five years.

For me, doing any job needs to be fun and enjoyable which is something I have been lucky with my entire working life.

Updating Stickboy has never felt like work but in recent months that hasn’t been the case which is noticeable in the content I publish here on the website and social media.

It has been below par and for that, I apologise.

time to relax

The aim is to produce something different to the rest that is engaging and entertaining, but with me off the boil plus more and more websites and social media accounts just knocking off everything I do it feels stale and bland.

With a bit of time off, perhaps a couple of weeks, I will be rested up and able to return with a bunch of new ideas and feeling rejuvenated.

So over the next week or two, there will be no pics, no chicks, no nothing.

That’s my plan and I’m sticking to it.

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