Time For A Trip To Jockland

Published on 6th September 2016 by Stickboy BKK

No matter how many times I put off the trip back to Jockland to spend 10 days on the Costa del Clyde, there comes a point when I can no longer avoid it and that time has come.

I had a look at the worldwide sale from Etihad last week and the prices were pants for a trip out of Thailand. The other way there was bargains aplenty with Edinburgh to Bangkok return going for just £360 with a a two hour smoke break in the Gulf. Bangkok to Edinburgh was double that so I passed.

No cheap flights was yet another reason to nudge the trip down the list of things to-do but this morning I was sat relaxing with a coffee contemplating life and decided I need a break from work, Bangkok and just life in general.

Time For A Trip To Jockland

Nope, I’m not full of doom and gloom and most certainly won’t be joining the Bangkok Flying Club, I just need a change of scenery, catch up with family and see Stepson Of Stickboy as his planned holiday in November is now on hold after he got a promotion.

BA have some decent prices and it looks like I’ll be handing over a fistful of baht and flying within the week.

I haven’t decided what to do about work yet as I don’t want to be sat slumped over my notebook every day when I’m supposed to be taking a break but don’t want traffic to plummet either and scheduling a bunch of updates before I go is just madness. The joys of running a one man show.

Anyhoo, sunny Scotland, here I come.

Photo Credit: robertburns.org.uk

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